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MADE GRAND Presents: Your Style! Your Memories! Your Brand!

Watch Cam Evans' latest Photography Portfolio Reel.

Portfolio Reel: Your Style. Your Memories. Your Brand.

I’m super thrilled to launch our new portfolio reel video for MADEGRANDBYCAM™.  This creative video is a testament. It represents the wonderful clients, models, and colleagues I have work with in my studio.  This is the first personal brand video for MADEGRANDBYCAM.  It’s exhilarating to reflect on all of this amazing work. This is just a snippet of things to come.

Creating Grand Memories for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a time to reflect. This holiday, I’m reminded about the importance of gratitude. I was humbled while producing this video. I have deep well of gratitude for all the souls that I encountered throughout the year. Gratitude will improve your health. In fact, tt’s good for the receiver and the giver. Gratefulness and peace go hand-in-hand.

The Science of Gratitude

The science of gratitude is something I hope everyone has an opportunity to study.  and put into common practice. By practice, I mean be deliberate about being more grateful everyday. Keep a gratitude journal. Cherish the time you spend with your compatriots, your family, your friends, and your loved ones. You’d be surprised how the things we complain about in our own lives are the enviable things for someone else. Thanksgiving is the holiday to increase our gratitude mindset.
Every abundant thing in my life came as a result of my gratefulness for the little things. The little things matter.  A kind word. A smile. A pat of the back. Even a like or new follower adds to the cause for gratitude. I deeply believe that anyone can always find something positive and uplifting to say to another human—even someone who has wronged you or brought harm to your life.  These are life’s gratitude challenges. When you can be grateful for an enemy, villain, relative, or just someone that caused you suffering—you level up.

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Cam Evans, MBA. Photographer
Cam Evans, MBA. Photographer

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