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Conversion Copywriting

Grow Your Audience with Your People-First Content Experience Platform

Give your brand an unfair advantage with a robust content experience platform. Bring your people-first messaging across your core channels to build your market.

We Help You Create Hypnotic Content That Attracts Your Superfans

Your content experience platform has one job—drive conversions. You need your brand cornerstone content to answer your audience’s deepest desires. We create content with a mission to grow your audience into a viable market.

Content Upgrades for Conversion Copywriting for eCommerce and Marketing Funnels MADEGRANDBYCAM
Video Production for Marketing and Sales Letters

Step I

Be the Source for Your People

You’re not building a content platform for everybody. Everybody can’t write you a check. Somebody can. Do you know who your people are?

No Waiting for Superfans

Start attracting them today!

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Step II

Create Your Content Universe

Words create universes. Your brand story forms the “Pillars of Creation” for your Content Universe. We shape your universe with content writing that builds your authority and relevance to your target market.

Cornerstone Content
Cornerstone content contains your mission-critical thought leadership for search ranking.
10X Content
10X Content represents world-class quality and presentation for your longtail keywords.
Nexus Clusters
Nexus Clusters combine multiple content strategies to create authoritative content hubs.
Podcasting for Business Content Universe Stack

Step III

Build Your Nexus Experience

We built the Nexus Experience for WordPress as your digital content platform. You own and control each layer in your Nexus content stack. Expand your content universe in stages with Nexus.

Nexus Core

Nexus Core - Content Experience Platform - Blogs - Website - Funnels

The Nexus Core content platform includes your website, blog, and marketing funnels. Your website can be a landing page that capture leads with updates from your blog. The Nexus Core foundation is requisite to build the next level of your experience.

Nexus Vox


Nexus Vox elevates your brand story into your market voice with podcasts and email. Vox brings the voice of the customer to your brand conversations to improve market situations. Success is measured by subscriber growth.

Nexus Expanse

Nexus Experience - Expanse - Content Experience Stack - Books - Speaking - Events

The Nexus Expanse content stack includes your books, speaking opportunities, and your owned events. The Expanse is a mission-critical layer for content entrepreneurs. We’ll help you monetize your expertise by building a community around your brand.

Content Universe Big Bang

Build 10X People-First Content

Expand The Market With Your Content Platform


Create a holistic content strategy that attracts the ideal buyers you want to serve that has purchasing appetite to buy from you.
Produce content by people for people that is well-researched, actionable, authoritative, visually compelling, influential, and converts your audience.
Generate subscribers for your email list with well-positioned Content Lodestones to provide more depth for improving their situation.
Expand your content universe with consistent, world-class articles that grow your audience through organic search and credible backlinks.
Rank well and often on leading search engines with diverse content types for video, infographics, visual data charts, and podcasts.
Use your publications to drive traffic to key landing pages throughout your content experience platform to capture leads and drive revenue. much more

Tell People-First Stories
Create Your Platform
Build Your Nexus
Expand Your Market

Differentiate. Dominate.

Get Your Content Universe