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Ignite Your Marketing with 30-Day CMO

Turn your digital presence into a brand asset with MADEGRANDBYCAM. Ignite your quarterly digital transformation with 30 Days Made Grand. Let’s make your growth automatic.

Win More Listings. Close More Deals.

Growth is the priority. Choose an area of focus for your brand or get projects done in all four specializations. We’ll optimize your content to drive conversions on your website.

Go from concept to automated content publishing.

Never lose another lead with personalization at scale.

Attract your dream clients to become brand superfans.

Get funnels that convert your audience into buyers.

Content Creation

Lead with your Most Helpful Content

  • Infuse your most helpful content with the voice of your customer.
  • Create content upgrades to cut through the noise.
  • Optimize for search to grow your audience.

Journey Automation

Personalize Your Buyer's Experience

  • Capture leads across your brand touchpoints.
  • Automate to personalize engagement.
  • Send the right messages at the best time for action.

Inbound Marketing

Invite Superfans to Your Digital Brand

  • Clarify your message to attract your ideal buyers.
  • Create value at each buying stage.
  • Develop Superfans for the best referrals.

Sales Funnels

Ascend Buyers With Compelling Offers

  • Increase average order values with dynamic offers.
  • Stack funnels to solve the next customer pain.
  • Transform your website into a revenue engine.

Get Your 30-DAY CMO Marketing Plan

Let’s build a campaign to put your marketing on autopilot with content assets that you can reuse throughout the year.
Grow Your
SEO Copywriting/Blogging
Matterport 3D Listings
VR Open Houses 4.0
Content Audit/Strategy
Social Channel Development
Video Marketing Production
Capture More
Email Marketing Automation
CRM Integrations
Dynamic Content
Lead tracking & scoring
Customer Experience Automation
Audience Segmentation
Delight Your
Sales Funnel Building
Brand Website Development
Marketing Attribution
Editorial Calendar 
Brand Story Development
Landing Page Design

Transform your marketing to grow your list, convert more leads, and delight your buyers.

30 Days Made Grand CMO. Cam Evans, MBA

Meet Your 30-DAY CMO

Cam Evans has helped hundreds of business owners and large enterprises complete their digital transformation. Hire MADEGRANDBYCAM to expand your empire today.

Get More With 30 Days MADE GRAND

Initial full-day observation to assess which opportunities will provide the most value to your audience in the next 90 days.

Weekly Production Meeting to cover major products for the week, backlog, and production status. The meetings are short and focused on metrics that matter. 

Implementation of analytics to measure effectiveness, conversion rates, and progress towards the metrics that matter.

My secret arsenal for creating hero images and videos to motivate your superfans and dramatically increase the perceived value of your offer.

Use the simple curiosity-based headline formula to get more eyeballs on your offer pages. As a result, you’ll hook them until the end.

The unique hack you can use to get virtually unlimited organic traffic to your offers. Turn your website into a revenue magnet! much more

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