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ascension protocol

Nexus Ascension

Are you making it easy for your best customers gain access to your best value? Ascension Protocol helps you increase customer lifetime value so that you can have a superior business relationships with your ideal buyers.

Nexus Ascension

Ascension Protocol helps you increase customer lifetime value 

ascension protocol
Create more value for your best customers to improve their situation. Ascension unlocks your high-value solutions for your favorite buyers to increase customer lifetime value.

Superfan Persona

Build an avatar for clients that earned access to your high-value vault.

Nexus Funnels

Create sales funnels for each of your offers and Superfan persona.

Nexus Gamut

Create links between funnels that create a stairway to the next offer.
Customer Lifetime Value Model

Superfan Advocates

There are multiple methods you can use to increase your revenue per customers. You may prefer one method over another depending on your product/service mix. Nexus Ascension Protocol focuses on improving your customer’s situation so that they become Superfan Advocates for your brand.

Who Are Your Superfans?

The riches are in the niches where your ideal buyer lives.
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From an audience of one to 10X growth.

It’s true that people make buying decisions that help them survive and thrive. They also make decision based on status. We’ll help you identify your best offers to position your ideal buyers in their own dream situation.

Dynamic Customer Journeys

Personalized Experiences

The real game-changer is a personalized buying experience for your customers. Once you start capturing customer data in your CRM, you need to use it to tailor offers to interests and dynamically create funnels just for them. Your average order value (AOV) will rise when your personalize.

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Enable buyers to choose their own adventure.

All of your customers are not created equal. So why present the same offer to everyone? We’ll help you map out your funnel strategy to optimize revenue and ad spend for traffic.

What's Your Buyer's Journey?

Dynamic customer journeys based on interests and behaviors.
High-Value Funnel Stacking

Ascension Funnels

You need to create a pathway to your ultra-high-ticket vault offers for your clients. Your vault offers provide your clients with an upgrade path to improve their situation while providing you with higher profit margins. Ascension Funnels is the funnel stack you need to retain your best customers.

Unlock Your Offer Vault

Customers want your top-shelf solutions to help them thrive.
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Never lose your Superfans to inertia.

Ascension Funnel stacking ensures that your customer journey is positions your buyers in their ideal situation while increasing customer lifetime value. Ascension Funnels always lead to your competition-free offers.

Ten percent of your customers will pay 10x more for your next offer. Do you have one?

What You'll Get in Ascension Funnels

Superfan Persona Blueprint maps your sales funnel for your ideal buyer. The Blueprint makes it easy serve your audience’s needs and motivate your Superfans to buy now.

Automate your Superfan Funnel Journey for to provide the most value at each step for your physical and digital products. Create irresistible deals for your audience! 

Get your Ascension Funnel Stack with high-converting landing pages that continually lead your customers to your top-of-the-stack offers to transform their situation for the best.

The unique hack you can use to get virtually unlimited organic traffic to your offers. Turn your website into a revenue magnet!

Use the simple curiosity-based headline formula to get more eyeballs on your offer pages. As a result, you’ll hook them until the end.

Access our XD Media Arsenal so that you can get custom footage and photography to do the heavy-lifting for your Ascension Funnels. much more