Online Forms Integration

Create online and mobile forms for lead capture and subscriptions for marketing automation to build your pipeline, nurture your audience, and accelerate your growth.

Mobile Form Design and Offline Lead Capture

Mobile forms are the missing link in your lead capture system. Be more productive on the go.

Easier Lead Capture For Live Events

It’s not 1999, so why are you still making registered and unregistered attendees sign-in. We bring your lead capture forms to your mobile device so that live registrants can sign-in on their device or yours. Welcome to the next-level of event management. As soon as they sign-in, we can kickoff an automated process to send them a welcome email and all of the slides of the workshops they attend. No more, wasted effort or post-show backlog actions for you and your team.

Discover More Email Marketing Automation. Your attendees will think you have a team of minions standby the respond to your every whim when we delight and dazzle them with real-time engagement as they attend your live event. Learn more about Email Marketing MADEGRANDBYCAM.

Lead Capture to Pipeline Automation

We design forms specifically for integration into your CRM pipeline with automated workflows.

Automated Pipeline Orchestration for each Customer Experience. Let us show you how we move your attendees, prospects, group members, subscribers, and fans along a preplanned customer journey experience to become buyers and advocates. Populate your CRM will actionable leads for customers ready to take the next step with your brand. Learn more about Customer Experience Automation MADEGRANDBYCAM.

Online Form Builder

When it comes to capturing leads and building your pipeline, one form on one page isn’t enough.

Second Site Analytics

Smart, Modern Business 4.0 brands know their numbers and measure performance. With Second Site Analytics, we deliver deep and intelligent insights for continuous improvements with our digital commerce and marketing analytics.

Second Site Analytics

Place forms into the flow of your content, blogs, or pages with unique visuals cues to draw in more subscribers to your channels and content.

Pop-Up Form

Pop-up forms can do wonders for your conversions if they are used with precision. We create precision pop-up forms based on behaviors.

Lightbox Modal

Sometimes it is more effective to put the focus squarely on the call-to-action you want your visitors to take to move forward. The lightbox is ideal.

E-Signature Forms

The most time-saving form you can create are documents that require legal signatures for execution and compliance. Capturing e-signatures enable follow-through pipeline actions to kickoff immediately so that your clients never lose momentum working with you.

Our Online Form Builder MADEGRANDBYCAM, are local, regional, and industry compliant forms for the Defense Industrial Base, Public Sector, Healthcare, and GDPR. You’ll never worry about paperwork getting lost or delayed for a signature again. Manual work is for losers.

From proposals and contracts to invoices and job offer letters, we can take your digital form workflows to the next level.

We've created a jumpstart digital form for you

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Get started with a 45-day or 90-day campaign for your business. Or let’s setup a one-time lead capture form project for your digital store that runs indefinitely.

Countdown Forms

The fear of missing out (FOMO) is a huge incentive. Create scarcity with your offerings to entice buy-now actions.

Gated Content

Use your high-value content to generate more leads for your brand by gating it for subscribers to your list.

Gamified Forms

Incentivize browsers with a gamified buy-now offer for discounts that make it illogical to pass up your offers.

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