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eCommerce Solutions for WordPress

Increase Your Website Revenues

Transform your static website into a dynamic customer experience with eCommerce Solutions from MADEGRANDBYCAM.
MADEGRANDBYCAM, LLC | Smart Modern Business 4.0 Brands

Open Your eCommerce Store!

Upgrade your Digital Brand Experience for business! Get your eCommerce demo.

Modern eCommerce Websites

Make It Easy to Buy from You

Upgrade your brochureware website. Make it easier for your audience to do business with you online. Monetize your brand with a complete eCommerce website that fulfills your customer journey. Stop losing your best opportunities because of your limited brand experience.
  • Personalize your ecommerce experience for each shopper
  • Connect and engage across all of your brand touchpoints
  • Automate your workflow to increase your revenue streams
  • Capture new leads and scale your business as you grow

Choose the Right eCommerce Solution

eCommerce websites aren’t just for selling products anymore. Here are some modern eCommerce scenarios:

  • Expertise
  • Services
  • Subscriptions
  • Memberships
  • Courses
  • Events

Each of these scenarios require an eCommerce infrastructure. We’ll help you get the right set of features that maps to your customer journey stages with room to grow as needed.

What's Included

Everything You Need to Win!

WordPress CMS

Email Marketing Automation

Secure, Managed Hosting

Integrated CXM

Google My Business

Merchant Credit Cards Services


Facebook/Instagram Shop

Product SEO to increase traffic

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eCommerce Solutions for Membership Websites

Build Your Own Community of Interest

Exclusivity creates value. Use your members-only website to drive unique experiences that can’t be found anywhere else online or offline. Provide an online masterclass event with industry experts through your membership website. Create a directory to share value back to your community for their audiences.

eCommerce Personalization

Deliver That Made-For-Me Feeling

Every account in your business is different. It is a great idea to treat them as such with eCommerce personalization tools. Now, you can give each of your prospects a personalized buying experience based on their interests. Welcome to the me-tail economy.

eCommerce Solutions for Subscription Websites

Create Passive Income Streams for Your Brand

Create high-value backend products for your subscriber base. Launch your private podcast. Deliver your exclusive newsletter experience. Turn your weekly first-party content into cashflow for your business.

Integrated eCommerce & Customer Experience Management

Create Your Hypertargeted Sales Experience

You can create account-based campaigns with your CRM integrated into your eCommerce solutions. No more mass mailings to people who aren’t interested. Leverage your CXM platform to deliver creative campaigns for an audience of one. Let us show the creative opportunities for your integrated Digital Brand Experience.
MADEGRANDBYCAM, LLC | Smart Modern Business 4.0 Brands

Open Your eCommerce Store!

Upgrade your Digital Brand Experience for business! Get your eCommerce demo.

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