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Sales Funnel Fundamentals Live Webinar

What the F is a Sales Funnel?

and Secrets for 10X Growth!

Do you need a website, blog, or a funnel to grow you business?

Start mastering your sales funnel fundamentals to accelerate your brand’s momentum this month. Discover the best funnel for your audience and offers. Get the secret to organic traffic-building so that you can increase your return on ad spending (ROAS).

Learn from Cam Evans as he walks you through everything you’ll need to know about using marketing and sales funnels to grow your audience, revenue, and referrals.

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Does This Sound
Like Your Marketing Strategy?

  • Lost Leads: Are you able to follow-up on your new contacts in the first 5-minutes?
  • AOV: Your average revenue per order is below your far below your ad spend for your offers.
  • Targeting: There’s a disconnect between your social channels and your orders. No attribution of what works!
  • CRO: Your website doesn’t reflect your current best offers with a funnel to convert your audience to customers.
  • Disconnected Content: Do your blogs and web pages capture leads based on your audience’s interests?
  • Automation: You have a disconnect between outbound sales and your inbound marketing strategy.
  • Optimization: You don’t have a way to test your funnel for optimizations to increase your conversion rate. 
  • Personalization: Your upsells are the same for everyone. No targeting based on loyalty, spend, or history.

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