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Conversion Copywriting for Funnels
From Email Welcome Sequence to Lead Nurture Campaign

Soap Opera Emails Series to Develop Superfans

Build your client relationships with email marketing campaign services to help them ascend to your best offers.

Original, helpful

Fill Your Funnels with Email Nurture Campaigns

Transform your email list into your growth accelerator. Help your audience climb your value stairway with helpful content to solidify your relationship.

Hypnotic Subject Lines

Only curiosity-based subject lines get opened. Your email campaign will test subject lines to increase your conversions.

Value-Focused Content

Always be helpful. Don’t fill client inboxes with fluff. Grab their attention by sending targeted content based on their interests.

Know-Like-Trust Building

Great customer relationships lead to growth opportunities. Use your Brand Voice to create authentic connections that matter.

Voice of the Customer Research

Uncover pain points of your customers to create solution-focused content. Your email sequence will position your offers as their answer.

Optimize with A/B Testing

Create versions of your email sequence to split test with your audience. Pick the winner to increase your conversions rate.

Metrics That Matter

No more guessing about what works for email performance. Discover the metrics that matter for readership and revenue.

30 Days Made Grand CMO. Cam Evans, MBA
“Stop using debt to grow your business. Brands with thriving subscriber lists can increase revenues daily. Motivate your audience to ascend your value stairway with your email marketing nurture sequences for pure profit growth.”


Chief Supplier of Email Marketing Campaign Services for Dallas and Founder at MADEGRANDBYCAM

Your Questions?
The Right Answers!

Here are some of our most frequently asked questions for Email Marketing Campaign Services. If your question is not listed here, then please contact us.

Q1. What is an Email Marketing Campaign

Email Marketing Campaigns focus on specific audience, topic/product, time-frame, and call-to-action. The Campaign contains a sequence of emails tailored to your audience’s desires that ultimately lead to your funnelS to fulfill your call-to-action. 

Q2. Do you conduct the customer research for my email nurture campaign?

Our Email Marketing Campaign Management Team conducts interviews, surveys, industry research, and deep CRM analysis of which issues resonate best for conversion opportunities with your audience. THe final output is put into our copywriting framework for sequencing through to your email service provider.

Q3. Do you use A.I. to write copy and charge your clients for the work?

Absolutely No! We’re excited about A.I’s potential for mass market content creation. However, our experience shows that A.I. has difficulty creating helpful content for your audience and ideal buyer persona. Your email sequence will be drafted, written, and assembled by human authors.

Q4. What markets do normally write for?

Our Email Marketing Campaign Services cover all industries. Additionally, we have content expertise in the following industries:
  • Defense Industrial Base
  • Public Sector
  • High-Technology
  • Software as a Service/Cloud Technologies
  • P-20 Education
  • Training and Upskilling
  • Real Estate
  • Construction
  • Financial
  • Legal and Intellectual Property
  • Healthcare

Q5. Can you recommend an email service provider (ESP) for our business to execute the marketing campaign?

Absolutely. MADEGRANDBYCAM provides robust consultation and implementation services for ActiveCampaign and MailChimp ESP platforms.
we provide guidance for additional platforms:
  • Zoho
  • Keap
  • ConvertKit
  • Constant Contact

Q6. Can you help me build out a content framework for our business?

Yes, Email Marketing is a core plank in our Content Universe Framework.We can provide private workshops to help you build your content universe so that you can leverage email effectively.

Let your copywriting pay for itself!

Stop wasting money on ads! Leverage Your email list for growth!


Conversion Focused

You’ve got funnels to fill and revenue goals to meet. Our content team is here to help.

Optimized Sharing

Do you want remarkable content that your dream clientele shares for you? Work with us.

Helpful Content

Give your audience the exact content they want to bring them back to your funnels.

Ready to Generate More Revenue?

Launch your Email Nurture Campaign with MADEGRANDBYCAM to grow your average order value for your funnels.


Don’t mince your words—monetize them!
NEXUS NURTURE delivers everything you need to generate organic leads for your business!

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