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Guest Blogging With Us

Do you have insights that are super useful to our audience of entrepreneurs and business owners? We’d love to hear from you. Visit our On-Topic Board for upcoming editorial opportunities.

Ain't No Stopping Us Now!

Let’s join forces to help our mutual customers. Co-selling is mutually-beneficial for all parties. Drop us a line to discuss upcoming projects that we can win together.

Live Events + Meetups

Are you ready to build the Business Growth Summit? MADEGRANDBYCAM has a 30-year history for producing live in-person events and online events. Let’s build a summit to help more leaders geometrically grow their brands this year.

Grow the Subscriber Lists

Have you built your superfan list for your brand? The list is the greatest business asset. Let’s create remarkable content worth sharing with our mutual superfans.

Press REC On Your Podcast

Do you know the difference between “having something to say and saying something?” If you answer is yes, let’s get you in front of our listening audience. Take advantage of our podcast sponsorship packages to grow your revenues.

Create an Evergreen Superfan Magnet

We love producing helpful and exciting webinar series. Share your expertise so that we can help our audience grow faster. Get started today.

Original Research & eBooks

There’s no better way to build authority than publishing first-party content. Co-authoring opportunities are provide all parties with incredible reach. Drop us a line to discuss upcoming projects that we can produce together.

We would love the opportunity to discuss a made grand COLLABORATION with your brand. The MADEGRANDBYCAM media kit is available for your consideration. This content is fluid. We update our stats as often as possible. We can discuss current the demo data during your initial consult. Follow us on your favorite social network for regular updates.


Grow your audience with remarkable content


Capture more leads with personalized experiences.


Monetize your value-creation to delight your buyers.


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MADEGRANDBYCAM is top content, automation, and marketing agency based in Dallas-Fort Worth. MADEGRANDBYCAM helps entrepreneurs achieve massive scale for their brand with the NEXUS Experience for Content and eCommerce. Business owners love MADEGRANDBYCAM‘s focus on achieving measurable results that matter to the bottom-line. Brands can reposition to attract their Superfans with the scroll-stopping creative that produces high-quality leads.

Start growing your digital brand experience today with audience-first content. Leverage SEO to create a constant flow of lead-generating traffic to your brand. MADEGRANDBYCAM can show you the way.

MADEGRANDBYCAM has an extensive production services that encompass web design and the metaverse to copywriting and video marketing.


May 2017


Dallas, Texas, USA

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Episode Zero
The Marketunity™
Episode Zero

The Grand Experiment. This is the alpha edition of The Marketunity™. Hear CAM EVANS, MBA as he casts his vision. Plus, get insights into how our show can help you grow your business.

Let’s Grow Faster together
Go Collabo

Get early access to upcoming projects and Business 4.0 events that we’re producing for our audience. We’ll share opportunities for collaboration, joint ventures, and sponsorships. Let’s grow our market.




Chief Supplier of Smart Innovations

Inbound Marketing
The only way to beat the algorithm is the program it yourself with consistent, high-quality content that solves your audiences external and internal challenges. Focus on creating reciprocity by giving your best content away to grow your massive audience.
Business 4.0
We're helping clients upgrade to Business 4.0 with intelligent devices and services at each touchpoint in their customer's journey. Our goal is simple: help businesses attract massive audiences to their brands and increase customer lifetime value.
Customer Experience 5.0
We're excited to build the next generation of customer experiences for entrepreneurs and business owners in the metaverse. The realm between extended reality and virtual reality provides new opportunities to create engaging brand stories for clients.
Automate Everything! It's the key to unlocking unlimited growth in your business and your life. Automation is the secret sauce to how solopreneurs and small business owners scale to compete with Global 2000 brands. We'll help you make success automatic!
Digital Brand Experience
Your website is the hub of your Digital Brand Experience (DBX). Search and Social Media are the spokes that create pathways for your audience, prospects, and buyers to find and love your brand. We'll help you build the DBX that your clients love!


made grand social
Our audience is the hero of our brand. We are sharing our numbers to be transparent about how our audience-first focus is transforming our business and fueling our growth. Join us on our journey!