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Lead Magnet Creation Service for B2B Brands

How to Generate ALL Of Your Subscribers And Leads From Your Content Daily WITHOUT Buying Expensive Ads!

(This HELPS Your Audience Achieve The RESULTS They Desire In Exchange For Their EMAIL!)

You are one click away from solving your lead magnet creation problems today.

Did Your Know?

Personalized calls-to-action have a 42% higher view-to-submission rate than universal calls-to-action.

Source: HubSpot
What Results Are You Get With Your Lead Magnets?

Here's the Real Issue!

Your "Signup For Our Weekly Newsletter" Isn't Growing Subscribers Weekly!

Give Your Audience What They Actually Desire! It's Not Another Newsletter!

In Other Words

Your Brand's Growth Is Tied To The Growth Of Your Email List!

Which Means You'll Never Grow Your Revenues Until You Get More Qualified Leads!

You Could Recession-Proof Your Brand With a High Quality Email List!


Luckily for you, there's now a solution! Let me introduce you to NEXUS LODESTONES —custom companion resources so that you can grow subscribers.

Grow Your Email List With Your Existing Website Traffic
NEXUS Lodestones - Lead Magnet Creation Service for B2B Brands - MADEGRANDBYCAM

Do You Wanna 10X Your Email List?

Get The Ultimate Secret To Your Increase Opt-In Conversions

Make Your Content Actionable!

Personalized Content Upgrades

Capture leads that are aligned to your Superfan Persona for your content which means no more random capture forms that have no value to your audience.

Position Your Ascension Stairway

Turn your content consumers into customers for your best offers by showcasing the unique value your brand can provide in solving your audience’s top problems.

Make Your Content Measurable

Stop looking at how much traffic your website gets. Instead, look at how much traffic your content  upgrades convert with your Nexus Lodestones. That’s the metric that matters.

Customer-Success Oriented

Help your ideal buyers to take the next action in their customer journey with usable tools that enable them to put your expertise into practice.

Create Noteworthy Assets

Helpful content gets shared across the Internet. Your Nexus Lodestones help people address real pain points so that they are eager to buy from you.

Get A Promotional Assets

Get more people to visit your website by promote your Nexus Lodestones on your social feed to help your audience discover your content while they solve their problems.

10X or Die

Hope Is Not A Strategy for Growth

Unmatched Value Is

30 Days Made Grand CMO. Cam Evans, MBA
"Lodestones makes our content helpful by design. We're confident these upgraded resources will create evergreen growth for your email list."

Chief Supplier of High-Converting Content Upgrades and Founder at MADEGRANDBYCAM

Don't Build Your Brand On Rented Land!

You Don't Own Your Social Media Followers, the Network Does.

"Here's the truth. If your email list isn't at the center of the ROI you are generating for your business, news flash: you are doing it wrong."

—Garrett Moon, CEO + Founder, CoSchedule

The Offer

10X Your Email List Growth with

Close the Gap Between Knowing and Doing!
Content Audit of Your Most Trafficked Pages to Identify Your Best Opportunities
Repurpose and Upgrade Existing Content for Enhanced Utility
PDF Layout and Design for New Graphics, Photography, and Included Links
Conversion Copywriting and Editing So That Your Nexus Lodestone Leads to Your Next Funnel
5000-Word PDF Published and Delivered One Week From Project Start
Regularly, this is priced $9997, but right now it's just
That's Not All


Landing Page ($5997)

Email Welcome ($2997)

Optin-Form A/B ($2997)

Social Media Post Design ($1997)

$13,988 (bonus value)

...For Free
Everything You Need to Successfully Launch Your Nexus Lodestone

Our Guarantee

Free 14-Day Optimization

Deep Insights To Grow Your List

We guarantee our work unconditionally for 30 days. If it doesn't show you exactly what we promised, we don't want your money. We'll give it all back. No questions asked. No hard feelings.

With That Said,

Here's What To Do Next...

Go ahead and click or tap on the green button below now, and we’ll get started!

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Imagine Growing Your List Every Week Like Clockwork

Own Your Audience
You'll Own Your Destiny

Upgrade Your Content Today

P.P.S. Let’s be blunt: If you pass on this offer,  a week from today will you have any Content Upgrades produced or not? Probably not!
You’ll still wish you had Lead Magnet Creation Service to help your 10X your list Growth and want it.  you won’t create it or grow your list without it. Face it. Most of what you need is direction and encouragement. Get your Nexus Lodestones now and have your list growing weekly this month! 

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