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Capture More Leads

Convert Your Audience

Stop hoping for more traffic. Hope is not a strategy. You need more conversions from the traffic you have. You’re in the right place to capture more leads with customer experience automation.

Get Your Lead Capture Done-For-You

Increase your conversion rate with Nexus Automation ! Get your Lead Capture demo.

Get More From What You Already Have!

Get more from your organic traffic with world-class content. Attract your active buyers with hypnotic offers. Retarget your social media traffic to increase your return on ad spend (ROAS). That’s just the beginning. What would a 2% increase in your conversion rate do for your revenues?


Create Absolutely Hypnotic Offers

Accelerate your lead capture campaigns with MADEGRANDBYCAM‘s Done-for-You Marketing Automation.

Content Lodestones
Capture more prospects with the ultimate lead magnets.
Targeted Campaign
Tailor content for your audience based on their behavior.
Email Course
Deliver your expertise in bite size emails to grow your fanbase.
Marketing Funnel
Fill your value ladder with offers your audience loves.
Video Funnel
Get more than views. Capture leads during playback.
Quiz Funnel
Email the results to each lead you capture.
S.M.A.R.T. Lead Generation

Always Lead with Value

Capture More Leads with Hypnotic Offers for your Audience.

Motivate Your Superfans with Higher Levels of Value

Meet your buyer’s needs with buying power they have now. Build increasing levels of value to offer your best deal to your audience every time.

Do Personalization at Scale

Target the right people with the right messages at the best times. Automate each step of your brand experience to move buyers upwards.

Help Your Buyers Ascend Your Value Stairs

Don’t leave money on the table. Link your offers into an irresistible value chain. Lead your buyers to next step with customer experience automation.
Moments of Truth

Lead Capture Starts at the ZMOT

Attract Your Superfans at the ZMOT

Start your lead capture by Winning The Zero Moment of Truth. Don’t wait. Build your content platform to engage at each stage of the buyer’s journey.

Build MicroConversions for Micro-Moments

Drive affinity for your brand with helpful content across your content universe. Give your audience the answers they seek and they’ll come back for more.

Prioritize Actions Based Traffic Temperature

Nurture cold traffic. Engage warm traffic. Convert hot traffic. Use automated lead scoring to put your “Ready to Buy” people at the top of your agenda.
Capture More Leads at the Zero Moment of Truth

Create the most helpful content your audience has ever seen to capture the most qualified leads you’ve ever had!

A lead capture plan tailored for your needs

Start your lead generation campaign with a proven roadmap for success. The FAST✦TRACK project gives you the foundation for your content, automation, and marketing execution to build your lead generation engine.

Landing pages with forms don’t capture leads. You must provide value in exchange for an email address to turn visitors into prospects. The FAST✦TRACK help you add more utility to your Value Stairway to make lead capture a cinch.

The FAST✦TRACK project ends with a wireframe of your Lead Capture project. You will have the option of continuing the implementation on your own or DONE-FOR-YOU by MADEGRANDBYCAM. Start capturing more leads today with the LEAD GEN FAST✦TRACK.

Audit Value Stairway
Content Audit
Superfan Persona Review
Landing Page Audit
Funnel Stack Review
Lead Capture Wireframing

Create Absolutely Hypnotic Offers