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Are You Tired of Losing Leads on Your Website?

Automate your business to multiply your growth. Hire Dallas-Fort Worth’s premier Marketing Automation Experts to help you capture more leads across your customer touchpoints. Transform your routine into revenue-generating workflows. Put your mundane tasks on autopilot. It’s time to deliver world-class experiences for your audience.
Hire Marketing Automation Experts for Dallas-Fort Worth Texas

Explore Our Marketing Automation Services

Improve Lead Generation with Content Upgrades

Customer Experience Automation

Personalize Buyer Journeys with
Customer Experience Automation.

Improve Lead Generation with Online Workshops

Email Marketing Automation

Transform your digital brand experience
with automated email campaigns.

Generate More Leads with Video Email Marketing

Sales Force Automation

Win more deals with sales automation
and intelligent lead scoring.

Designing Automation Workflows

Growth Hack Your Brand with Marketing Automation

Achieving success is easy when reaching your goals are automatic. That’s why we help you document the pathway to your goals with automation workflows for sales, marketing, operations, and support. Those pathways are the recipes for integrating and automating your business towards success.

Automation requires three simple components:

  1. Triggers. Every automation is kicked off by an event called a trigger. Triggers can be customer initiated, time-based, or started by you. 
  2. Actions. Actions are the key steps that are taken automatically or assigned to your team to complete to reach your goal.
  3. Goals. Once the goal is achieved, either the workflow stops, or a new sequence of actions begins.

No more dropped balls or missed opportunities.

Marketing Automation Consulting

Our experts are ready to help you audit, integrate, and automate your customer journeys and sales force to scale up your business. Get started with a complimentary consultation to unlock your growth potential.

Automate Engagement Based on Customer Actions

We can automatically add and segment your leads into custom audiences for social networks. This helps you engage with the right information at the right time for each buyer’s journey. We’ll help you target and retarget visitors with campaigns based on actions taken in their customer journey to optimize relevance and engagement.

  • Geolocation
  • Organization Role
  • Subscription Date
  • Industry
  • Customer Lifetime Value
  • Email opens & CTA engagement
  • Website and landing page visits
  • Watches a video
  • Updates contact data
  • Deal size
  • Period since last visit
  • Purchase history

Accelerate Transformation

Marketing Automation Consulting

You can accelerate your Digital Transformation journey with our Marketing Automation Consulting. We’ll show you how to turn routine into revenue generation. Additionally, our MAC Squad will identify gaps in your Marketing Technology (MarTech) Stack and help you select platforms that provide exponential ROI.
Marketing Automation Experts MADEGRANDBYCAM
Make High TOUCH Engagements High Value Opportunities

Automation doesn’t replace the human connection. In fact, automation enhances engagement. Focus on your most engaged customers with actions tailored to their interests. Nurture your audience along their journeys with personalized experiences. Make moments of truth meaningful and mutually beneficial.

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Hire Our Marketing Automation Experts

Discover what’s possible with our complimentary Marketing Automation Consultation. We’ll review your CX, digital brand, content marketing, and engagement touchpoints to develop a workflow roadmap with goals and triggers for your business.