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"Hi! I'm Cam Evans.
Your DFW Photographer!"

We’re celebrating you at our studio today! I can’t wait to show off our guest of honor! You’re going to look amazing!

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Hire Cam Evans for photography, brand strategy, workshops, sponsorship, partnerships, and collaborations.

Meet Cam Evans


Published Photographer.

Certified Professional.

Awarding-Winning Artist

Cam Evans, Featured Photographer
Cam Evans featured in Shutter Magazine Innovation Edition

Creative Powerhouse for Photography

Cam Evans

The Photographic Artist

Cam Evans develops his signature style of photography in his Dallas-based atelier. He loves to sculpt light to flatter his subject’s natural features. Shooting on location is critical for our clients, our workshop learners, and Cam Evans’ signature style. The lighting studio is super portable. Cam makes  cover-worthy photography anywhere.  MADEGRANDBYCAM is a full-service production studio and provides both in-house and professional lab prints of Cam Evans’ photography.

“I’m never satisfied until my clients are completely ‘Wowed!'”

Are you a creative? Join our Grand Collectif for exciting collaborative projects. You can learn more about Cam Evans’ Signature Style in Momentum Magazine. Subscribe to our Made Grand Channel on YouTube.

Transcend the Noise of “Sameness”

Cam Evans

The Digital Marketing and Creative Director

The Next Normal is the customer experience renaissance. Business owners and individuals that understand content marketing, the NEW SEO, Social Media Marketing Strategy, and how to engender customer trust will win. Branding is the art and science of creating Desire.

You Don’t Need An MBA. You need a CAM

Your brand story is the cornerstone of your customer experience journey. So, tell it. Bring your story to life with immersive visual clarity.

Clarity comes from incredible vision. Cam Evans has a singular vision for your story—amplify and accelerate. Come, let’s see what’s on your next level together.

Knowledge Isn’t Power. Power is a Plan

Cam Evans

The Educator

The MⵙMENTUM Decade™ begins at sunset, Tuesday, December 31, 2019. For many, it will be a grand celebration with revels and fanfare.  You know that it marks something different. It’s the start of the shift—the disruption of everything.

I love inspiring you to seize your moments. Ensuring you’re prepared for it, keeps me motivated to teach.

The MⵙMENTUM Decade™ will breed opportunities for the well-prepared and well-informed. Seizing those opportunities is how we all transcend in the next decade. Transforming our businesses will require expanding our mindsets. Helping you get a momentum mindset is about a sense of urgency for transformation and transcendence. Cam Evans cares that you win and win more abundantly!

Storytelling through Immersive Photography

Cam Evans

The Filmmaker

Cam Evans is a modern filmmaker. After two decades of storytelling, he’s still creating rich narratives through movies and immersive photography.

Cam tells big stories with small video. Small video are vignettes optimized for mobile and social. Additionally, Cam produces long form motion pictures with aerial drone photography and action cams for unmatched cinematic-style shoots.

Do epic sh!t Make Wow and Wonder Routine!

Cam keeps an eye towards the future of storytelling through mixed reality and immersive reality. For seniors that want that to create social-feed envy to brands that want to transcend the noise of “sameness,” Cam built Cinemagic Studio. Cinemagic™ brings innovation to still and motion photography to create an entirely new digital-borne experience. Discover how our Cinemagic Studio can bring immersive portrait photography to your brand story.

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