Cam Evans

“I recommend to anyone who is given
an opportunity to work with Cam…take it.”

Brad Olivier, Head of Global Account Management
made grand BUSINESS

Hire Cam Evans, MBA to grow your brand and personalize your customer experience.

Let me help you remove the friction from your buyer’s journey and expand your audience to grow your business.

Chief Wow Officer

Let’s get rid of all of that stale content and boring copy that turns your buyers off. We can help you create scroll-stopping creative that builds buyer desire for your brand.


Use our best practices for organic growth and building your brand authority for your market. Feel free to swipe, steal, share, or plagiarize. We’ll create more to help you win.


Smart Modern Business 4.0 Brands are moving faster and gaining an unfair advantage in their markets. We’re helping companies gain and sustain momentum for growth.

Chief Supplier Cool Innovations

Let’s make doing business with you irresistible by modernizing and personalizing your consumer journey. We can increase your membership, subscriptions, and grow your revenues with customer experience automation.

Unlock Your Growth Equation

Buying likes, followers, and attention doesn't add up. We'll help you hone your focus on solving your buyer's core challenges to unlock your growth engine.

Hire Cam to accelerate your Inbound Marketing.

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Keynote Speaker

Hire Cam Evans to speak at your next event.

Hire Cam Evans to speak at your next event.

Thought Leadership from Cam Evans

Conversion Rate Optimization Made Easy at MADEGRANDBYCAM
Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) Made Easy
Conversions happen naturally when your audience doesn't have to think.
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Write More Effective CTAs with these Four Simple Tips
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Six Proven Reasons to Increase Freebies in Your eCommerce Store
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New Rules For Business 4.0
New Rules for Business 4.0

A 7-step plan to make your growth automatic in the Fourth Industrial Age.

Writing for Content Marketing: The Missing Guide
Writing for Content Marketing: Howto Guide
Learn our approach to content production to build your own Content Universe.
How YouTube Content ID Impacts Video Monetization
Is someone else making money from your video marketing on YouTube? Read this to make sure you're getting the revenues from your content creation.
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