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Personalized Customer Experiences

You can’t grow your brand with a one size-fits-all approach to content marketing. You need personalization at scale. Each customer expects to be treated as an audience of one. We help you create high-value, Personalized Customer Experiences with machine learning and artificial intelligence. Tailor each buyer’s journey to their interests and the problems they want solved today. Let’s make something grand.
Customer Experience Strategy for Intelligent Customer Journeys
Customer Lifecycle Mapping
What Is Customer Experience Automation?
AIDA Model Improve Lead Generation with Personalized Customer Journeys - MADEGRANDBYCAM
Thursdays 1:15pm

Marketing Automation Audit

Building Velocity at the Moment of Truth For Your Audience

Each stage of the buyer’s journey is hallmarked by content and activities. Intelligent customer journeys are not linear. However, each stage has prerequisites and key results. Our journey audit will assess if you have gaps that are stalling your deal velocity and costing you opportunities.

Did you forget to send
that follow-up Email?

Balls drop. Deals stall. It’s human nature. With Customer Experience Automation, you can overcome human nature and nurture your prospects to becoming new clients.

Lead Generation

Getting Your Audience to Your Lead Funnels

Let’s start with getting answers to two questions:
  1. How compelling are your offers?
  2. Are you using clear calls-to-action?
We will help you build a compelling offer for each revenue stream with clear CTAs for your customer journey across email, landing pages, content pillars, and social media. Plus, we’ll integrate and automate workflows directly in your CXM platform to ensure that hot leads are scored and assigned for follow-through.

Customer Experience Strategy

Intelligent Customer Journeys
Make Growth Automatic

Intelligent Customer Journeys are powered by machine learning and artificial intelligence. By enabling AI to learn about individual behaviors and the collective, your Customer Experience can be proactive and predictive. Give each customer the incentive they need at the right time to move forward. Personalization at scale treats each of your customers like an audience of one.
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Get your CX audit of your Customer Experience Journey and Funnel Strategy and learn what you can do today to improve your lead generation.