Accelerate Your Growth Engine

made grand SOLUTIONS combine creative, automation, and marketing to create sustainable growth for Smart, Modern Business 4.0 Brands.

made grand PLAN

What Business Outcomes Do You Need Now?

Accelerate your growth with our audience-focused Digital Brand Experience—combining your Web CMS, CRM, Email Marketing, and eCommerce platform into a personalized buyer’s journey.

Customer Experience Management

Build personalized customer experiences from web and email marketing to online engagement and eCommerce with MADGRANDBYCXM for customer relationship management.

Email Marketing Automation

Personalize every communication for your clients!

CX Automation

Consistently delight and surprise your customers.

Digital Forms Integration

Capture and integrate audience data online and offline with our CXM.

Business 4.0 x4

Business 4.0 is not linear. It’s iterative. Your brand will always be in one of these stages throughout its operations. We can help you navigate the new landscape to sustain momentum.



Your business needs its own domain and website to be the hub for your content and customer experience journey.



You don’t need gimmicks; just meaningful content. We’ll show how to win long & short-term growth.



Do you have a compelling offer? Who is the best customer for your offer? Let’s build a buying experience for it!



Creating multiple streams of revenue from your brand requires clear strategy and disciplined execution. Let’s grow.

Audience Growth Campaigns

Don't believe the hype. Content isn't king. Consistency trumps everything. Let's help you grow your audience and contact lists with regular content creation and automated publishing as a service.

Create Brand Content

Bring your brand to life with original and unique content.

Podcast Show Production

Bring your brand to life with original and unique content.

Improve Lead Generation

Bring your brand to life with original and unique content.

Discover what’s possible in your


Digital Brand Experience

Your website is the best brand ambassador you have! At least it should be. Let's give your website back it's mojo so that your business can grow from content to commerce!

Conversion Landing Pages

Convert your visitors into new subscribers and customers.

WordPress for Marketing

Elevate your website to world-class with CXM + CMS integration.

Recover Abandoned Carts

Stop losing customers and revenue, bring them back to shop.

Business Solutions
One Page Website

Establish your Digital Brand Experience quickly with a focused One-Page Website integrated into your CXM. Start capturing CX data and building your brand story.

Business Solutions
eCommerce Site

Leverage your digital campaigns to convert your visitors into revenue-generating customers through your website. Complete the buyer’s journey online.