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Customer Experience Automation (CXA) Live Webinar

Automate Every 'fn' Thing

Personalize Your Customer Patient Seller Client Employee Donor Learner Partner Guest Experience

Are you ready to automate your business so that you can get your life back?

It’s time for you to automate everything in your business. Don’t put your business on autopilot. Make it smarter so that you can consistently serve your audience at the highest levels.

Learn from Cam Evans as he presents real-world examples of automation and customer experience personalization so that you can modernize your brand experience and capture more leads for your pipeline.

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Scale Up Your Customer Experience

Automate Everything Webinar - Go from Unknown Visitor to Superfan!

Does This Sound
Like Your Business Workflow?

  • Lost Leads: Are you able to follow-up on your new contacts in the first 5-minutes?
  • Too Many Apps: None of your apps and cloud services talk to each other. You’re duplicating data everywhere.
  • CRM: Your marketing and sales CRM doesn’t help you manage a single customer relationship better!
  • Manual Labor: You’re business grinds to a halt every time you have to look for a piece of paper with important information.
  • Inconsistent Content Publishing: Are your blogs, podcasts, emails, and videos published regularly?
  • Who’s Next: You don’t have a way to prioritize your prospects or website traffic for follow-up and engagement.
  • Targeted Content: Are you getting the right message to the right people at the right time on the right platform? 
  • Segmentation: Your email list keeps getting unsubscribes because you send the same messages to everyone.

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