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Build Retention and Customer Lifetime Value Day One

Digital Marketing & Commerce Analytics for Business 4.0 Brands

Create a cascade of engagement and affinity for your brand with targeted and personalized content for onboarding new subscribers, buyers, and employees for your business.

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Marketing Insights Overview

Website Analytics

Go deeper with targeted insights from Google Analytics, Site Tracking, and SEO performance.

Social Media Analytics

We’ll show you what’s really going on with your audience with posts, ads, groups, products, streams, and events.

Marketing Effectiveness

Determining what works is the secret to increasing your ROI, reducing waste, and growing revenues.

Sales Performance Dashboards

Are prospects becoming leads? How fast do new leads become deals? What’s the win-rate?

Digital Commerce Analytics

Find out how effective your online store is converting browsers into buyers and what campaigns work.

Campaign Performance

Every campaign has SMART goals. Plus, A/B testing helps find alternative combinations for better outcomes.


STRATAGEM is not another-mofo-newsletter! These are hard-won insights and scenarios for building sustainable momentum for your audience growth and business model monetization. Join us.


Only What You Measure Matters

Get deeper insights on your calls-to-action (CTAs), blog and social posts, sales orchestration, and a/b testing across your Digital Brand Experience. Discover opportunities to improve your marketing campaign impact on your sales funnels and make adjustments as you go. Leverage artificial intelligence and machine learning to create predictive models for high-touch engagement with your VIP clients and prospects ready to convert. See more of your business with Second Site: Marketing & Commerce Analytics Solution.

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