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Launch your online course to expand your audience with a masterclass


Build Your Influence With New Revenue Streams

We help founders become content entrepreneurs. Build your brand authority with an online course website. Convert your audience to subscribers.

Migrate Your Audience from Social Video Channels to Your Digital Brand Experience

Give your audience a deeper connection to your brand. Provide premium course content exclusively through your online learning website.
Launch Online Course with MADEGRANDBYCAM

Business Consultants

Help your clients succeed on their own by sharing your expertise for their industry. Build your base with regular course updates.
Launch Online Course Website for Life + Fitness Coaches Webinars

Life + Fitness Coaches

Make wellness your business 24/7. Provide self-paced workshops for your clients to help them reach their goals anywhere, anytime.

Content Creators

Break-free from the 9-to-5 grind. Focus on empowering your audience to reach their full potential in your digital classroom.

Everything You Need
for Online Learning Success

Support your learners’ success with automations that trigger based on their progress and duration in your course.

Release new content based on course progression, learner performance, and more. Leverage email marketing to keep students on track towards completion.

Leverage Online Learning
to Build Lead Funnels

Improve Lead Generation with Limited Live Events

Stream Live Events

Deliver one-of-kind IRL experiences

Turn your live events into lead generators for your brand. Provide bonus online bonuses for attendees, podcast listeners, and customers.
Improve Lead Generation with Online Workshops

Online Workshops

Score leads for engagement based on learning

Take your presentation content further with online learning workshops. Make your expertise a path to your services and products.
Improve Lead Generation with Content Upgrades

Offer Free Courses

Convert your audience with high value content

Launch your online course with a free course to introduce your brand. Grow your audience while you fill your sales funnels for premium content.

Lead Magnet 101

Increase your lead generation with authoritative expertise

Create a lead magnet to attract new prospects and email subscribers to
your brand. There are two crucial steps to making your lead magnets worthwhile:

  1. Provide enormous value for your clients. Give away something that provide
    a solution to the challenges your audience is facing for free
  2. Establish yourself as an authority. Take a position based on practice, insight,
    and experience to reveal a unique, sought-after perspective.

Learning Experience Automation

Improve Learner Success With
Personalized Customer Journeys

Launch your online course with an automated learning experience. Provide personalized course paths for each learner to achieve their key outcomes.

Custom Learning Paths

Enable students to test out to advance to the next section. Provide course recommendations based on interests.

Experience Integration

Manage your Learning Experience Platform alongside your favorite tools. Integrate with popular cloud services easily.

Dynamic Content

Re-engage learners with drip lessons that appear based on course progression. Make student success easier than ever.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is integrated into your entire Learning Experience Platform with our built in CXM for course automation.


Expand Your Content Universe with a Digital Course Library

Extend your Digital Brand Experience to help your audience thrive in the next normal. Achieve global scale for your brand with your online learning website to grow your audience.
Improve Lead Generation with In-Video Capture Forms

Interactive Course Production

Engage your audience with dynamic content

No more passive videos. Promote active learning with course work designed for engagement, practice, and application.
Generate More Leads with Video Optin Pop-Up Forms

Instructional Design

Convert your expertise into upskilling vignettes

Smart course design is lynchpin of our Learning Experience Platform. We’ll help you build courses that help students thrive.
Generate More Leads with Video Email Marketing

Learning Experience Platform

Digital Brand Experience for Content Creators

Take your LMS website further with deep audience personalization. Our Cloud CXM platform powers your first-class experience.

Personalized Learning 4.0

Know the difference between a video watched and a video played.

Make a plan for personal engagement on day one. Our Learning Experience
Platform provides telemetry for each learner’s course path. This helps you
develop automations that trigger for actions taken or ignored. Email marketing
is included to incentivize your subscribers to continue towards completion. As
your course library grows, you’ll have more opportunities to make content
recommendations for your subscribers. 

Frequently Asked Questions
Building Your E-Learning Brand

Absolutely! In fact, our streaming platform enables you to stream live events across multiple platforms at once. For exclusive learning events, you can sell tickets through your online course website to increase your audience.

Your Learning Experience Platform includes a secure POS that accepts all kinds of payments online and in person, including credit and debit cards, Apple Pay, PayPal, and more.

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