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Marketing in the Attention Economy

Attention is a scarce commodity. Position your brand to stand out
Marketing in the Attention Economy

Scarcity in the Attention Economy

Since I published my Facebook Page, my messenger client has been blowing up! The Facebook automated marketing tools are chatty little bots. I’m sure these tools work wonders for online marketing mavens. You really need tools to measure social reach and engagement with precision. However, most small business isn’t sophisticated enough to manage the analytics to build a comprehensive plan. Welcome to the attention economy.

Increasingly, my attention for trivial matters becomes scarcer. My attention is often split between the creative aspects of my business (revenue generation), the strategy and growth of the business (brand positioning), and the actual running the business (remaining profitable.) So, when I think about the attention of others that I would like to attract, I have a deeper sense of empathy about their attention scarcity.

Each day, I’m becoming more convince that it is better to be fine-tune your focus in business to a selective frequency to attract the type of talent and engagements that reflect the stories and characters you most want to create and celebrate. Everything else is simply noise. Focusing in on a clear signal helps to ensure you can cut through the noise and allow your siren call to attract the people you want for your brand.

That doesn’t mean you need to promote every post you make and boost your content to reach your audience. It does mean that you need to focus on creating really engaging content from the beginning. Make something provocative—something essential—something that is counter-intuitive. If it goes against the grain, it is more likely to gain attention and traction in this new economy than to be business as usual.

Being ordinary is no longer an option.

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