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Customer Experience Automation (CXA) with MADEGRANDBYCAM

Do 1:1 Marketing at Scale to Increase Superfan Lifetime Value

Customer Experience Automation for Customer Journey Building and Dynamic Personalization

Customer Experience Automation Explained

Mass Marketing Is Dead

Level up your buyer engagement with 1:1 personalization at scale!
Level-up your funnels
Fill your sales funnels with active buyers
Elevate customer engagement
Get the right content to the right buyer
Strengthen your relationships
Create delight throughout the journey
Eliminate wasteful engagements
Only the right message at the right time
Hit your revenue forecast
Make growing revenue automatic

Unlock Customer Experience Automation

Stop time consuming processes with customer experience automation (CXA). Treat each prospect like an actual person with personalized engagement. Watch Unlock CXA to transform your customer journey into a revenue-generating engine.

Customer Experience Automation Benefits

The benefits of customer experience automation are infinite. Eliminate time-consuming manual tasks from your business. Engage your ideal buyers with the right content at the right time.

Personalized Content

Deliver the right message to the right person at the right time on the right channel.

1:1 Marketing

Deliver campaign results that bring the right buyers into your funnels every time.

Lead Scoring

Lead scoring helps you deliver the right actions while avoiding wasting your buyers time.

Customer Lifecycle

Win each moment of truth before and after the sale to delight your buyers.

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Accelerate your customer journey with personalized experiences.

Make Your Marketing Memorable

Turn every touchpoint into rewarding action with your brand online and offline. Let’s grow your business and automate your customer experience.

Marketing Campaigns

Connect engagement across your digital and brick-and-mortar touchpoint to increase your ROI on your customer experience.

Personalized Customer Journey

Create personalized lead-to-customer experience journeys by analyzing visits to your Nexus Experience, their unique interests, purchase behaviors, and more.

Customer Engagement

Analyze customer data to drive engagement through your content experience platform. Leverage historical and real-time buyer insights to respond to new growth opportunities.

Marketing Automation

Stay ahead of your prospecting and connected with clients by orchestrating key activities, follow-ups, and pipeline velocity. No more dropped balls and lost revenue.

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Go from Leads to Leading Customer Success

Most leads never convert because of weak or nonexistent Call-to-Actions. We’ll help you implement best practices across your buyer journey to increase conversions.

Sales Automation

Take advantage of automated processes to accelerate your pipeline based on predefined customer behaviors, and sales actions.

Funnel Automation

Redefine your marketing events to embed lead capture before, during, and after the experience with our dynamic event funnel orchestration.


Do 1:1 Marketing At Scale

Customer experience automation (CXA) enables brand differentiation for your business. With CXA, you can create personalized communications each prospect and buyer. MADEGRANDBYCAM provides CXA solutions across your Marketing Technology (MARTECH) Stack. Automate processes to help you build meaningful  customer relationships.


Customer Journey Automation

Website Automation

Sales & CRM Automation

Onboarding Email Series

Personalized Buyer Journeys

What's Next

Get CXA Expertise

Stop letting warm leads go cold. Give your buyer the personalized experience they crave. MADEGRANDBYCAM provides customer experience automation across Digital Marketing Campaign Management.  We’ll help you fine tune your 1:1 marketing to build your pipeline.