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Business 4.0

Customer Experience Automation

Personalized Buyer Journeys to Increase Customer Lifetime Value


Personalized Buyer Journey

Take customer engagement to the next level with predictive, automated moments of truth!
  • Level-up your eCommerce Store
  • Elevate customer engagement
  • Grow your business relationships
  • Eliminate wasteful engagements
  • Nail your pipeline forecast

Marketing Orchestration & Automation

Business as usual is over. Connected customers are savvy and they prefer smart, personalized brand experiences.

  • Connect your business apps
  • Orchestrate lead capture
  • Automate your pipeline
  • Nurture new leads/clients
  • Orchestrate GTM campaigns
  • Sales & CRM Integration

Engagement Automation & Analytics

Deliver unique and consistent lead-to-customer journeys from each moment of truth for your Digital Brand Experience.

  • Customer Journey Mapping
  • Customer Journey Orchestration
  • E-Commerce Integration
  • Landing Page Optimization
  • Marketing Attribution
  • Deep Marketing Analytics
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Multiply your pipeline productivity and accelerate your customer journey with smart automation.

Introducing Customer Experience Automation

Let’s take your buyer journey to the next level with automation interwoven into each touchpoint with your brand. Create consistent, predictable outcomes in your pipeline and revenue generation with our Customer Journey Automation Solutions MADEGRANDBYCAM.

Lead Scoring

Developing a methodology for lead scoring can help you target appropriate messaging and avoid wasting valuable time. Let’s build an actionable, smart pipeline.

Onboarding Automation

Whether you have one product or multiple solution offerings, let’s get your clients off to great start after-the-sale so that you can win that coveted referral.

Multichannel Orchestration

Once we establish your editorial calendar and create brand content, we’re going to automate your content publishing to keep you top of mind.

Behavior-based Marketing

Create unique engagements based on where clients visit on your website, how they got there, and their location. No more static brochure web pages.

Make Moments of Truth Matter

Turn every customer touchpoint into a deeper engagement with your brand online and offline. Let’s grow your business and automate your customer experience MADEGRANDBYCAM.

Business Integration

Build experience connections across your voice communications and business applications to increase your overall ROI on your marketing automation experience.


Create personalized lead-to-customer experience journeys by analyzing visits to your Digital Brand Experience, their unique interests, purchase behaviors, and more.

Advanced Reporting

Monitor and analyze growth performance for your client lists and campaign effectiveness. Leverage rich insights to discover new growth opportunities and lead generation.

Marketing Automation

Stay ahead of your prospecting and connected with clients by orchestrating key activities, follow-ups, and pipeline velocity. No more dropped balls and lost revenue.

Go from Leads to Leading Customer Success

Most leads never convert because of weak or nonexistent Call-to-Actions. We’ll help you implement best practices across your buyer journey to increase conversions.

Pipeline Orchestration

Move leads to closure in your pipeline based on predefined customer behaviors, sales activities, interactions, and follow-through actions.

Event Funnel Automation

Redefine your marketing events to embed lead capture before, during, and after the experience with our dynamic event funnel orchestration.

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Customer Experience
Automation Breakdown

Stop the sound of the ball dropping in your customer experience. Engagement automation across all of your brand touchpoints ensures that each prospect, lead, customer, and true fan gets a consistent and tailored experience with your business. Watch Customer Journey Automation Solutions video and transform your customer experience into moments of sheer delight.


Customer Journey Automation

Customer Experience Automation creates a unique brand differentiation for your business. It sets you apart from your market rivals and enables you to effectively compete with Global 2000 companies without the expense of more people and resources. MADEGRANDBYCAM provides automation solutions across your Marketing Technology (MARTECH) Stack. We automate your customer experience to help you exceed your customer expectations and make epic your basic! MADEGRANDBYCAM is on a mission to help entrepreneurs and savvy leaders grow smart, modern Business 4.0 brands that outpace the market.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is customer experience automation?

Customer Experience Automation digitizes your buyer’s journey across touchpoint for your brand using artificial intelligence, smart process orchestration, events, and behavior to create a thoughtful and consistent engagement with your business to move leads to customers repeatedly.

What do I need to have to begin doing Customer Journey Automation?

Customer Journey Automations are built on marketing technology (MARTECH) stacks. Each component of the MARTECH stack enables a unique capability to foster lead momentum for your buyer’s journey. We’ll help you build a smart MARTECH stack that is right sized for your business and build blueprints from your business processes.

My business still has manual, paper-intense processes. Can you help us automate them?

Absolutely. Before we begin, we’ll perform our Business 4.0 Readiness Audit to determine your current state of transformation maturity. Based on our findings, we’ll develop a roadmap and timeline of actions to bring your vision into alignment with your team, your capabilities, and resources.

Does MADEGRANDBYCAM provide professional development workshops for our team?

Yes. We’ll identify training requirements for both the new capabilities and new processes that may emerge from your business transformation. Those training can be conducted online and in-person to ensure you are able to onboard and ramp up your team’s productivity.

How do we measure ROI for Customer Experience Automation?

ROI will be based on the processes that we are automating. We’ll look help you evaluate ROI metrics for time, costs, satisfaction, and key outcomes. Our Digital Brand Analytics is powerful and complementary solution that provides additional reporting and scorecards for your Customer Experience Automation. Please give us a call or chat on Messenger for details.


Customer Journey Automation

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Personalized Buyer Journeys

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Customer Experience Automation

No more digging through email and paper notes to find those follow-up actions. Stop letting warm leads go cold. With Customer Experience Automation, you will transform every customer touchpoint into a catalyst for their buyer journey with your brand. MADEGRANDBYCAM provides customer journey automation across web, social, and local for your sales and marketing. Give your buyer the personalized experience they crave. We’ll help you tailor your marketing to an audience of one and build your pipeline. Let’s make something grand.