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Build Your 10X Content Platform

Your 4-Step Plan to Grow Massive Audiences.

Make your audience growth simple with the 10X Content Platform. Four discrete projects designed to optimize your content for discovery and engagement with your target audience. Expand your Content Universe 10X!

Step 1: Your 10X Website
Compelling, share-worthy content for your target audience
Launch Online Course with MADEGRANDBYCAM
Step 2: Your 10X Email
Nurture action with personalized customer journeys
Step 3: Your 10X Channel
Create connection for your audience with scripted content.
LAUNCH ONLINE COURSE with the Learning Experience Platform MADEGRANDBYCAM
Write More Effective CTA with these Four Simple Tips
Step 4: Your 10X Funnel
Convert your audience into advocates with WOW offers.

Achieve sustainable growth that scales

Keep your audience engaged every touchpoint

Build your community around your cornerstones

Maximize your reach with in-depth micro-content

Complete à la carte projects in 4-6 weeks.

Achieve measurable results in record time

Projects & Pricing
Choose the 10X Project that achieves your goals

Your 10X Content Platform requires four interconnected experiences to create momentum for audience growth. We provide these foundational projects a la carte and as a continuum project to amplify your content flywheel perpetually.

10X Content Platform Continuum

Good enough isn’t good enough anymore for content production. The Internet is the ultimate meritocracy for audience-first content. The 10X•Continuum employs Cornerstone Content, Keystone Clusters, and Micro-Content to create scalable SEO experiences that convert. The 10X•Continuum is a 4–6-month project that demonstrates measurable results for your brand. Let’s get started growing your audience today!

À la Carte
4-6 Weeks
4-6 Weeks Execution
One Project Deliverables
Detailed Reporting & Analytics
1-Day Content Strategy Workshop
Optimize for WordPress, HubSpot, & Squarespace
Weekly Execution Milestone Calls
4-6 Months
4-6 Months Execution
Complete 10X Deliverables
Detailed Reporting & Analytics
1-Week Execution Retreat
Optimized for WordPress CMS
Weekly Execution Milestone Calls
What our 10X clients say…
Patrice C.
Domo Sapiens

We saw a lot of pitches for front page overnight success. Our 10X project gave us a clear path to success that we can repeat and continue to scale to grow our audience.

David H
No Fear Investments, Inc.

We had nothing. The Continuum Project put us on the map to establish our expertise with our target audience. We have funnels that work and convert. We’re thrilled!