Welcome to Wellspring!

Our R&D hub for

inspiration and innovation.

Wellspring is about curiosity and creativity. Specifically, Wellspring is the research and development branch of MADEGRANDBYCAM.

I wanted a dedicated space to share early ideas and experiments in creative storytelling.

Moreover, Wellspring is the nexus for Cam’s inspiration and innovation. You’ll find personal assignments and quest projects. Always, the goal is discovery, experimentation, and learning.


Wellspring Research focuses on the questions and experiments that affect our brand. Most often, the questions we ask are more important than the answers they reveal.


Wellspring Development showcases the projects that have reached a “conclusion.” Discover what we learned.


Wellspring Inspiration is a collection of creative brands, people, work, and projects that inspire and raise the bar. These are reference works that motivate our R&D!

Why is Wellspring different?

Firstly, creative entrepreneurs and photographers rarely share what they are working on before it’s finished. However, every innovative company has a collaborative R&D division to promote growth in the industry. Wellspring Research & Development keeps MADEGRANDBYCAM at the leading edge of visual storytelling and branding. To paraphrase Trinity from the Matrix, “It’s the question that drives us!”

The flip side of the question is creativity. MADEGRANDBYCAM has a broad collection of mood boards, clippings, Pinterest boards, and video. We use muses for inspiration and product innovation. For business, there are MGXC practices drive process innovation. As a photography studio, our projects deliver aesthetic innovation. As a branding maven, there are stories and motifs that increase engagement across brand families. It is our intention to give you more than a glimpse behind the curtain. We invite you to discover the future of photography and branding with us.

Wellspring Labs

Our Wellspring R&D folio is being updated for 2020. Stay tuned for some fun and exciting projects MADEGRANDBYCAM