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research + innovation

Wellspring is the research and development branch of MADEGRANDBYCAM.
We’re asking the questions to help brands achieve sustainable growth.

Wellspring Research focuses on the questions and experiments to help our clients accelerate brand growth.
Discover what we’ve learned in Wellspring Dev. This is a showcase of our conclusions and applications.
Wellspring Innovation is a collection of creative brands, people, work, and projects that raise the bar.

Welcome to our Labs

…dedicated space to share early ideas and experiments in marketing + storytelling.

The Wellspring Difference


Content entrepreneurs rarely share what they are working on before it’s finished. We believe that’s a missed opportunity for collaborative learning. Every innovative company has an R&D division to foster growth in the industry, as well as develop a competitive advantage. Wellspring Research & Development keeps MADEGRANDBYCAM at the leading edge of content creation, intelligent automation, and growth marketing. To paraphrase Trinity from the Matrix, “It’s the questions that drive us!”

Reality Capture Services for the Metaverse
Marketing Automation Experts MADEGRANDBYCAM

The flip side of the question is creativity. MADEGRANDBYCAM keeps mood boards, clippings, Pinterest boards, and videos. We use muses for inspiration and product innovation. For business, there are MGXC practices that drive process innovation. We study how stories and motifs increase engagement across brand touchpoints. We intend to give you more than a glimpse behind the curtain. You are invited to discover the future of creative marketing and automation with us.

Wellspring Focus Areas

Artificial Intelligence

Metaverse + Extended Reality

Photogrammetry + BIM

Digital Human Assistants

We’re updating our Wellspring R&D 2022-23 Folio. Stay tuned for some fun and exciting projects MADEGRANDBYCAM