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Why Does Virtual Production Matter?

The Metaverse
The metaverse is the convergence of both physical and virtual realities on a global scale, reshaping work, play, and discovery.

Previously, virtual production was prohibitively expensive for creative production and content marketing because it required a blockbuster movie budget to orchestrate and produce. Advances in virtual reality technology and computational photography have made virtual production more accessible. MADEGRANDBYCAM brings over 30 years of filmmaking and virtual reality experiences to build an immersive narrative for your brand story.

Here are a few highlights of how your brand will benefit from virtual production in your customer experience:

  • Invite global clients into your local world.
  • Allow customers to test your product.
  • Simulate environments for learning.
  • Accelerate MVP development.
Virtual Production + Digital Twins: MADEGRANDBYCAM

What type of virtual experience would you like to create?

Virtual Studio
Blend Hollywood visual effects and digital humans into your brand story to create unmatched customer experiences.
Augmented Reality
Extend your brand story to the physical world with mixed reality content for your buyers to interact and learn on mobile.
Digital Twins
Immerse your clients in architectural visualizations and 3D virtual walkthroughs for your property listings and designs.
virtual environments

We’ve just begun to scratch the surface of what’s possible when we dive deeper into the metaverse with digital human avatars and new economies to explore.

extended reality

Mixed Reality Experiences (XR) are ideal for digital commerce, audience engagement, and expanding your digital brand into the physical world for conversions.