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Grow Your Audience

Attract Challenge Educate Entertain Persuade Your Superfans with Your Expertise

Grow your audience at each stage of their customer journey with world-class content. Build your thought leadership NEXUS™ to attract your Superfans across your brand touchpoints.

Be The Source for Helpful Information

Grow Your Audience with a People-First Content Experience

Expand Your Thought Leadership

We Help Maximize Your Expertise!

Be your ideal buyer’s source for reliable answers to your unsolved questions. We’ll help you transform your expertise into world-class content. Build your platform to grow your audience.
Nexus Universe
Content Experience Platform for Building Massive Audiences on WordPress
Nexus Webinar
Win over your buyers with inspired presentation funnels for high-value offers
Nexus Nurture
Develop your audience into lifetime buyers with weekly email nurture campaigns
Nexus Podcast
Share your amazing insights and frameworks with your branded podcast channel
Nexus Video
Make your brand story memorable for your audience with video marketing
People-First Content
People-First Content
Bring your content-first brand to your core channels to grow your addressable market
Build Your Market Influence

10X Content Experience Platform

Your thought leadership platform must be multidimensional. A one-size-fits -all approach won’t work anymore. Our 10X Content Experience Platform is the foundation for building your influence.
Grow Your Audience with the NEXUS CONTENT PLATFORM STACK
Create Iconic Content

People-First Creative

It takes world-class content creation to increase your traffic to boost your subscribers. You need content with a mission. We’ve got you covered.

Nexus Experience

Content Experience Platform: Showcase your expertise to attract your Superfans. Create a world-class Thought Leadership Platform Now!

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  • Expand your expertise with Cornerstone Content for your top offers
  • Deliver People-First Content with your unique brand proposition for competition-free marketing.

Nexus Nurture

Email Nurture Campaign: Cultivate your audience with meaningful message sequences that lead to your website and funnels.

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  • Build connection with email campaigns to help them ascend to your best offers.
  • Infuse your storytelling with the voice of the customer to endear your audience.

Nexus Podcast

Podcasts for Business: Occupy more Superfan mental real estate with a compelling podcast channel for your Nexus Content.

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  • Use weekly shows to increase your brand familiarity with each episode.
  • Create intentional calls-to-action in your podcasts to drive conversions across your channels.

Nexus Webinars

Lead Funnels: Deliver engaging streams. Use webinars to move your audience through their buyer’s journey.

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  • Reach more of your Superfans with automated and live sales presentations.
  • Boost your lead generation with free Webinars based on your core offers and Cornerstone content.
Secret #7

Create for an

Audience of One

Hone your story for your ideal buyer—Your Brand’s Superfan. We’ll help you build your Superfan Persona for your content experience. Your Superfan Persona will be avatar to grow your massive audience.
  • Create a success plan for your Superfan
  • Find where your Superfan loves to hangout
  • Produce the world-class content for your Superfan
Grow your audience with the Superfan Persona built at the Brand Positioning Workshop MADEGRANDBYCAM

Superfan Persona

Your Superfan Persona is a composite of your ideal customer. Superfans get you out of bed in the morning with excitement to solve their challenges.

Register for the next Brand Positioning Workshop to start building your Superfan Persona. 

Why It Works

Audience-First Marketing

The only way to beat the algorithm is to content so good your audience would pay for it. Cut through the noise with world-class thought leadership. MADEGRANDBYCAM helps you maximize your expertise to produce world-class content for your Superfans.


Nexus Experience

Create breakthrough content to grow your audience in this webinar.
Get Started

Grow Your Audience

You don’t build a massive audience overnight. The Grow Your Audience Business Accelerator includes everything you need to execute a comprehensive growth campaign. The Business Accelerator helps you set the NEXUS Clusters to bring the right people to your brand. Get started now.

Create The World's Best Content!

Take a position. Different is better than better.
Make the the most helpful resources your Superfans can find. No one is looking for mediocre solutions to their problems.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I grow my audience?

First, start by defining what your goals and objectives are for the growth campaign. Be realistic. Don’t expect to move a mass number of buyers from prospects to customers in one fell swoop. Your growth strategy requires understanding the buyer’s journey and building positive engagement at each moment of truth.

How often do I need to publish content to grow my audience?

The frequency of your publishing will be based on your goals and the reach of your content. The most important note is to publish high-quality content on a consistent basis. We will help you build an editorial calendar, audience/hashtag research, and schedule your post to ensure you are growing your audience.

How can I monetize my audience without selling products or my services?

Monetization strategies abound. However, we recommend that any monetization strategy during a growth campaign be subtle because it’s not the purpose of growing your audience. If you’re always selling versus creating value for your audience, they will tune your content out. We can help build subtlety into your growth plan so that your marketing funnels can be monetized.

Can I integrate my audience into my lead generation and CRM platform?

Absolutely. In fact, we don’t recommend growing your audience without lead management automation and a CRM platform to orchestrate, nurture, and engage your audience.

How do I measure the effectiveness of my content analytics?

We have extensive reports and analytics that we provide from your social media, website, and third-party channels to get a holistic view of your audience, it’s composition over time, and your growth against the goals and objectives set forth. We’re excited to work with you to grow your audience.


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