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Monetize Your Brand

Turn Your Expertise Into Revenue

You’ve built your content experience platform. Now, let’s monetize your brand with multiple streams of active and passive revenue so that you can fulfill your purpose.

Get Smart About Sales Funnels

Monetize your brand with Nexus Funnels! Register for Funnelmentals Webinar.

Delight Your Buyers

Are You Fully Monetizing Your Platform?

There’s never been a better time to build your 7-figure content empire. Use your platform to deliver actionable value to your market. We help you create a path to sustained revenue growth.

Master the Funnelmentals

Invite Your Audience Into Sales Funnels

A funnel is a curated sequence of engagements to convert your audience into buyers for your products, services, and programs. We help you build effective funnels for your brand.

Build Your First Sales Funnel

You’re one click away from unlimited growth. Get your sales funnel built-for-you.

Build Your Revenue Model


Your business deserves more than one revenue stream. Nexus Commerce enables you to build a revenue model for your content platform. We’ve got covered.

Nexus Funnels

Sales Funnels Done-For You: We’ll build your conversion-optimized funnel for each product and offering you have for your audience.

Do More
  • Increase your average order value with one-time-offers and strategic upsells for your funnels.
  • Keep your revenue flowing with advanced automations for abandoned cart recovery.

Nexus Learning

Digital Masterclasses: Transfer your expertise to your buyers with online courses using learning automation to ensure student success.

Do More
  • Package your content as a masterclass for your audience to build their mastery for success.
  • Create subscription-level services so that you brand has Netflix-style revenue streams.

Expand Your Revenue Growth

Convert Trust Into Currency

Your audience needs to Know You. Like You. Trust You. We help you turn your hard earned trust into business earnings.
Nexus Funnels
Conversion-optimized Sales Funnels built for your products, and programs
Nexus Shop
Give your online shoppers an intuitive buying experience
Nexus Events
Build & monetize your virtual, hybrid, and live events.
Nexus Learning
Monetize your experiences and expertise with masterclasses
Nexus Groups
Build your passive income stream with mastermind groups
Nexus Podcasts
Expand your audience with private audio & video shows



Your NEXUS Experience is also your revenue-generating asset. Each stack creates an income stream. We turn your mastery into mo’ money.
Grow Your Audience with the NEXUS CONTENT PLATFORM STACK

All About The Benjamins

You’ll make money when you’re ready. Not a second sooner.
We’ll help you think through your revenue models for your business to be successful. Now is a great time to plan your exit.


Nexus Funnels

Achieve breakthrough revenue growth for brand in this webinar.

Secret #57

One Platform. Diverse

Revenue Streams

Your expertise is worth more than you imagine. Are you capturing each stream of revenue available?

Revenue Models

Growing your revenue is a lot to think about. We know. Not every revenue model works for every business. Your success depends on mapping the right offerings to the best monetization model.

Register for the next Sales Funnel Fundamentals to start building your funnels for your monetization strategy. 

  • Create a revenue plan for your offers
  • Learn which funnels work best for your situation
  • Generate revenue through the rest of your content platform

Frequently Asked Questions

Monetization strategies abound. We’ll help you build the appropriate funnel to maximize conversions for your offerings.

We do not collect any fees on your sales transactions. You’ll only pay fees to the payment processing provider you choose for your funnels and shopping carts.

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Let’s monetize your brand to grow your market.