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Search Engine Optimization

Rank Higher for Your Audience

Your SEO Site Audit is the starting point for leveling-up your content marketing.  We provide in-depth WordPress SEO Analysis to increase your organic site traffic. Give your competitors growth envy. Request your SEO Audit now.

Lead with the Most Helpful Content

Discover the gaps between your audience’s desires and your content maturity.

Execute world-class editorial get-sh!t-published plan to ship competition-free content.

Build Your Brand Cornerstone Clusters

Build your authority with cornerstone content that dominates relevant keywords.

Play to win with your unique value proposition, competitive advantage, and content universe.

Holistic SEO for Business Owners

Put the right capabilities in place to sustain your audience growth while capturing active buyers.

Expand your Content Universe to attract your Superfans’ network into your brand story.

SEO Site Audit Offerings
Build the foundation for your Content Universe to attract and convert your best customers to your brand organically.
Technical SEO Audit
Content Maturity Analysis
Commercial Keyword Analysis
Buyer Persona Mapping
Content Platform Review
Keyword Research
SEO Effectiveness
SEO Site Audit Included
Archive Underperforming Content
Update Outdated Content
Content Personalization
Content Inventory Analytics
Competitive Benchmarking
Content Constellation
Cornerstone Cluster Included
Social Media Optimization
Signature Content Build
Nexus Lodestone
Keystone Style Guide
Keystone Social Amplifiers
Automated Content Publishing
Google My Business
SEO Site Audit Optimized for Microsoft Bing for Small Business and Entrepreneurs
Optimize your website for Google and Bing Listings!

Holistic SEO starts with a mission to serve. Create the world's best content on the Internet.

Meet your SEO coach

Cam Evans has helped hundreds of business owners and large enterprises build and scale their business.  

What You'll Learn in The Free Course

Improve Your Website Performance: Identify which pages are loading slow and creating a poor on-page experience for your audience.

Get insight for internal linking on your site to increase the relevance of your content for your audience! 

Discover how to avoid the technical SEO pitfalls to boost your Core Web Vitals 🔥 for Google and Bing.

Use our secret arsenal for SEO images and video to create unique and relevant hooks to capture your audience attention.

Use our simple curiosity-based headline formula to get more eyeballs on your Keystone Articles.

The unique hack you can use to get virtually unlimited organic traffic to your content. Turn your website into a Superfan magnet🧲! much more

Your SEO Site Audit Bonuses

Google My Business Profile

Cornerstone Content Playbook

Editorial Calendar Excel Template

30-Day Cluster Analysis

On-demand demo

Learn the how + why of Nexus in 20 minutes.

Talk to a real human

Get the gist of Nexus with a guided, B.S.-free tour.