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Improve Lead Generation

Create Irresistible Offers!

Generate More Qualified Leads and Create Sustained Growth For Your Pipeline Revenue.

Inbound Marketing

Provide Exclusive Content for Your Audience to Improve Lead Generation

We help you create compelling content offers for each revenue sales funnel for your brand to help you grow your email subscribers and improve your lead generation for monetization.
Improve Lead Generation with Content Upgrades

Content Upgrade

Take the next step in the conversation.

Convert and repurpose your blogs, presentations, and podcasts into premium downloads for your audience with PDF eBooks, whitepapers, and guides. 
Improve Lead Generation with Online Workshops

Online Workshop

Drive engagement and qualified interests

Showcase your expertise and grow your audience with an online webinar with live engagement for Q&A to help clients understand the why and the how-to.
Improve Lead Generation with Limited Live Events

Limited Live Events

Deliver one-of-kind local experiences

In the aftermath of the pandemic, people are eager to get out and network again. Plan an exclusive live event to generate leads for your services.

Lead Magnet 101

Increase your lead generation with authoritative expertise

Create a lead magnet to attract new prospects and email subscribers to
your brand. There are two crucial steps to making your lead magnets worthwhile:

  1. Provide enormous value for your clients. Give away something that provide
    a solution to the challenges your audience is facing for free
  2. Establish yourself as an authority. Take a position based on practice, insight,
    and experience to reveal a unique, sought-after perspective.

Inbound Marketing

Leverage Your Video Marketing to Generate Qualified Leads

Video marketing is a powerful asset to improve lead generation. Let’s show you how to leverage video to improve your organic traffic and inbound opportunities.
Improve Lead Generation with In-Video Capture Forms

Capture Leads In-Video

Collect emails before, during, and after playback

We integrate your video directly into your Customer Experience Management to start automations while you have their interest.
Generate More Leads with Video Optin Pop-Up Forms

Video Pop-Ups

Tease your offer value with an inline trailer

A smart video pop-up form delivered based on your audience’s behavior on your website will help you increase your subscribers.
Generate More Leads with Video Email Marketing

Video Email Marketing

Increase your email open rate

Don’t waste pixels in your audience’s inbox. Capture and hold their interests and build desire with video right in your emails.

Video Marketing 4.0

Know the difference between a video watched and a video played.

Your content is only as good as the audience and marketing insights you glean
from your efforts. Modern video marketing goes deeper than number of views.
We’ll show you how to integrate your buyer’s journey into your video strategy.

Inbound Marketing

Improve Lead Generation With
Personalized Customer Journeys

AIDA Model Improve Lead Generation with Personalized Customer Journeys - MADEGRANDBYCAM
The AIDAA Model highlights the core stages buyers progress through in becoming a lifetime customer for your brand. However, the AIDAA Model is not linear. We’ll help you develop personalized lead generation strategies for each moment of truth.

Web Personalization

Generate more leads with personalized content based on location, device, and customer interests for irresistible offers.

Audience Segmentation

Segment your audience into their interest groups. Create custom offers that align with their interests to build trust and loyalty.


Re-engage customers that revisit your site with targeted content that’s only seen based on their history and interests.

Email Marketing

Email marketing gains full power when it’s integrated into your entire Customer Experience Management for personalization.

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Improve Lead Generation

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