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Five Deadly Mistakes You Can Avoid to Make Your Website Generate Leads

Make your Website Work Harder to Grow Your Business
Weak Headlines Send Traffic Away. Your headline is lure to get your audience’s attention. Before you can start generating leads, you need to generate traffic. That’s headlines #1 job.

Make Quality Time for Headlines

It doesn’t matter how great your offer is. You could really have the life-changing product of your client’s dreams. However, if you have a weak headline, they will never-ever freaking know about it.

Your headline is the reason your audience will click or keep scrolling. It’s that important. Think about the things you click on everyday in your feed. What compels you to click? The house is betting everything on the headline.

A great image still needs a great headline (or caption). How much time are you spending to make your headlines worthy of more traffic? Would you like to learn how to make better headlines?

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You’re talking about you. Everyone loves to talk about themselves, right? Well, so does your audience. You need to put them in the center of the conversation to generate more leads.

Just Not That Into You

This is the marketing paradox. You expend resources to get more people to your website. So, aren’t they there to see and hear from you?

Not really.

They came to find out if what you’re offering will solve their problem. Do you have a solution to make their situation more desirable? It’s not about you. Your audience is only thinking of themselves.

That’s great news for you. Turn all your attention to them. If you want to woo a new lover, you make moment all about them. People love feeling special, seen, heard, and accepted. Your content should reflect the same focus.

Are you talking about yourself too much? Would you like to learn how to flip the script to enchant your audience?

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Your brand story is “meh.” Story is where you reveal the stakes. You layout the path to success. Give your audience a glimpse of the plan they can follow to win. Make it compelling.

Great Stories Inspire Heroes

Everyone loves the underdog story. In the 1996 film, Jerry Maguire, the titular character is a top sports agent that goes for managing 72 athletes down to one client—Rod Tidwell, the underdog athlete. At first blush, the movie seems to portray Jerry turning Rod from underdog into a superstar athlete. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Jerry Maguire is the underdog of the story. He’s lost everything. He needs a guide to help get his mojo back. Reluctantly, Jerry seeks out Rod for help. Rod gives Jerry the plan of action to get back on top. Jerry takes the call to action and his life is forever changed for the better.

Jerry Maguire is a story that inspires people to take action. It motivates people to fulfill their destiny—even when the world has discarded them as unnecessary. Do the stories you tell feature heroes that are like your dream buyers? Are you giving them a plan of action to change their lives for the better?

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You’re talking to everybody. Who are you serving? Are you boutique or a bargain? Focus your story on your ideal buyer—your Superfan. Talk to them like an old, valued friend.

Find Your Riches In The Niches

Have you spent more time looking for hashtags for your social posts than identifying your superfans?

The allure of likes on social media is tempting. You can spend a lot of time chasing after more likes and followers than any of them are worth. Or you can just tailor your message to the one person that needs to hear it.

You are not called to serve everybody. So don’t waste time pursuing vanity metrics with follower counts. Instead, identify your superfan.

Your superfan persona has two important criteria:

  1. She is the person that can purchase your best offer to solve their problems without hesitation.
  2. He is the person that you love working with the most.

If you had one superfan purchase your best offering today, what would happen to your revenue? Focus your efforts on solving your superfan’s problem everyday. Would you like to learn how to find your superfan?

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Your Call-to-Action sucks! Don’t expect your audience to know what to do. Tell them in plain English. Be direct. Let your CTA be a call to the adventure your headline lured them to take.

Time 4 Sum AkSioN to Generate Leads

You hooked your superfan with a great headline. You inspired them to move forward with a compelling story. Now, it’s time to close the deal with a amazing call-to-action (CTA).

That “Learn More” button isn’t getting any clicks.  Neither is your “Contact Us” form. Weak CTA don’t generate leads.

Another tell-tale sign of a weak CTA is that every offer has the same call-to-action. Apple doesn’t use the same CTA for an Apple Watch as they do for Mac Studio. The audience is use-case is as different as the offerings themselves. The stories they enable the buyer to tell are each unique. That’s why uses different CTAs for each product they sell.

The good news is that it’s simple to make a CTA for lead generation. You can start capture more leads from the traffic you’re generating.

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Who is this webinar for?

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Meet Your Host + Coach

CEO + Founder

CAM EVANS is the Chief Supplier of Cool Innovations for business owners building massive audiences with compelling value. He’s a seasoned entrepreneurial leader with an advanced sales, marketing, design, and technical background.  More than anything, CAM helps fellow entrepreneurs achieve their financial goals to engineer the lifestyle of their dreams.


  • Duration 1 hour (including Q&A);
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