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Six Proven Ways to Increase Your Landing Page Conversions: How to Guide

Learn the secrets to keeping your opportunity pipeline full so that your business can thrive.
Improve Lead Generation with In-Video Capture Forms

Are You Using Landing Pages Effectively?

Your brand has multiple touchpoints for your audience to engage. Some brand touchpoints are offline—in the real world. However, your Digital Brand Experience has more touchpoints than you realize. You can increase your landing page conversions by optimizing your touchpoints across your customer journey.

Table of Contents

  • Optimized Offer →
  • Call to Action →
  • Landing Page →
  • Thank You Page →
  • Other Consideration →
  • Copywriting →
  • Conclusion →

Before we start, we should cover some basics about the conversion process. There are always four parts to effective lead generation:

  1. Your Offer. There’s nothing for your audience to do without an offer. The offer is your invitation to do business together.
  2. Call to Action. The CTA is your method for moving your audience into becoming a lead. A hard-to-miss high-contrast color button is what activates your CTA process.
  3. Landing Page. Your landing page is where your conversions take place. Focus your conversion on one Call-to-Action. Remove all distractions that will take your audience down rabbit holes.
  4. Thank You Page. Thank your new contacts with your Thank You Page.  The thank you page is your audience’s receipt that the CTA was successful.

Optimized Offers Increase Audience Conversion Rates

What’s your incredible offer? Before you answer, you should know that most landing pages fail at step one. Customers are always at different stages of awareness for your brand offerings. You can’t ask someone to “Buy Now” when they don’t have any idea of what value you can provide.

You need to increase your audience’s awareness to make your offer more compelling. We call this priming. Use your content marketing strategy to prime your prospect throughout her customer journey. You can dynamically present your offer based on your prospect’s behavior so that you know she’s ready for more.

Use your voice of the customer (VOC) insights to optimize your offer. VOC data will help you use the exact words your audience expresses when they feel the pain their trying to solve. Start speaking your audience’s language to make your offers more attractive.

Your Call to Action Is an Invitation

Your “business” is just a hobby without a clear Call-to-Action. Don’t assume your audience knows what you want them to do. Tell them how to get started doing business with you by putting a conspicuous “Buy Now” button on your website.

The “Buy Now” button is a metaphor for action. An actual “Buy Now” button is only effective for transactions where the audience is clear on the value proposition of a purchase. Your brand can use others for your CTA button (e.g. “Download Now,” “Sign Up Here,” “RSVP Today,” etc.) Choose whatever works best for your offer.

Your CTA is the second point of failure in your conversion experience. It is crucial to use the right type of CTA for audience’s customer journey stage. A transitional CTA can help you increase your landing page conversions by capturing contact data. No purchase necessary.

Increasing Landing Page Conversions

You’ve finally got your prospect to your landing page! Congratulations! You can keep your bounce rate low by removing distractive links from the page. No website navigation is needed. Get rid of all your social media links.

The landing page is the third step in your conversion process. Don’t lose momentum with bad formatting. Keep your main headline above-the-fold, just like your local printed newspaper. Your lead capture form should be above the fold to execute the call-to-action immediately.

The length of your landing page will vary based on your prospect’s customer journey stage. You can use less copy the more your prospect knows about your brand and offerings. If your landing pages are longer than two pages, you should reevaluate your content strategy to close those gaps.

Don’t Forget Your “Thank You” Page

In business and life, gratitude is everything. Use your “Thank You” page to confirm your prospect information submission. That’s not all your “Thank You” page is good for in your conversion process.

You can place your site navigation on your “Thank You” page to keep visitors on your site. Share a video of what to expect next in your prospect’s journey to prime another offering. You’ve earned their attention, use it well.

Personalize your “Thank You” page for your new lead. Thank them by name. Moreover, use her name throughout your website to personalize her experience. Going forward you can make exclusive offers personalized for your prospect.

Other Considerations for Audience Conversion Rates

Here’s are two thoughts that will blow your mind:

  1. You don’t always need a landing page. You can create inline offers to capture prospects while they are scrolling your page. Moreover, you can use behavior-based pop-up offers to capture leads without the need to move customers to another landing page.
  2. Every page on your website is a landing page. That’s a radical idea for many. All of your site visitors aren’t coming through your homepage. That means you can optimize each page with the same clarity you use for your landing pages.

These two tactics will help you dramatically increase your landing page conversions efficacy. But that’s not all.

Use experiments to find out what conversions work best for your audience. You can run A/B tests for your offers, call-to-actions, landing pages, and “thank you” pages. With our MADEGRANDBYCXM platform, you can run A/B/C/D/E tests to find the perfect combination. Find the optimal conversion path for your brand with regular conversion page experiments.

Invest In Great Copywriting

I couldn’t close this guide to increasing your landing page conversions without talking about the importance of great copywriting. Your words matter. You can increase their value to your audience by leveraging modern copywriting techniques to increase readability of your conversion copy.

Make your headlines provocative. Evoke your customer’s voice throughout your copy. Don’t try to sound smarter than your audience. Use the simplest words to convey your message.

If you confuse, you’ll lose. Keep your copywriting concise to keep your audience from burning calories to understand your value. You’ll win more with clarity than elocution!


Your optimized offers need a great conversion experience on your landing pages to increase your lead generation. Use your content marketing to start priming your audience for an offer long before you present it. This will help you move customers to the stage of awareness where they’re ready for an irresistible offer too good to refuse.

You’ll keep your opportunity pipeline full once you optimize your conversion experience. So, keep experimenting to find the optimal path for your brand. If you need help, feel free to reach out to us to increase your landing page conversions.


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