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Five Smart Ways to Quit the Job You Love

Career Planning for Building Your Empire
How to quit the job you love

How to Quit the Job You Love

Are you thinking about starting a new business? Leaving a lucrative career before retirement requires a thoughtful strategy. I don’t want you to be surprised by the unexpected demands of your new reality. You can avoid the chaos. Here are five smart ways to quit the job you love so that you can build your empire.

1. Rebuild Your Network
2. Build Your Platform
3. Publish Your Expertise
4. Create Your List
5. Find Your Audience

1. Rebuild Your Network

Before you become a corporate refugee, you should reconsider your peer group. Start with your LinkedIn social profile. Make new connections with people who don’t know you through your current role. The lion’s share of your network should be connections with potential clients, partners, and talent.

Get out and meet people locally and virtually to build your network. It takes time to build meaningful connections. If you didn’t start yesterday, begin now. You’ll be in a great position to expand when your network when you start your new venture.

2. Build Your Platform

I’m huge believer in content experience platforms. Leverage your platform to grow your audience. Start with your website. Get your domain name registered to build your platform. Always remember that your social profile is not your platform.  Your website is your primary content platform.

Your content platforms is a living organism that needs to be consistently updated. Use your platform to share topics you have deep expertise or insatiable curiosity.

Now let’s discuss how to elevate your platform to your brand.

3. Publish Your Expertise

When people hear “publish your expertise” they immediately think “writing book.” Did you think that? Writing a book is a fantastic way to establish your authority. Just remember the keyword in authority is author.

Alternatives to Writing A Book

David Newman recommends some great alternatives to publishing a book. I’ve recapped them here to help broaden your knowledge sharing:

  • Write articles for your audience’s top trade journals and magazines.
  • Produce an informative podcast for your audience.
  • Publish world-class content on your website’s blog.
  • Share your journey with videos on your YouTube Channel
  • Stream live webinars on your website and social channels.

The bottom line is get your expertise on record in a way that fits your style. Just be consistent.

4. Create Your Subscriber List

Building your email subscriber list is arguably the most important thing you need to do. Your email list will be the lifeblood of your business. When you need interested traffic for your offerings, you’ll need your list.

As you meet new people and grow your audience, invite them to join your list. You’ll need a lead generator. Your lead generator is an offer of value in exchange for an email address. You can thank me for this later.

5. Find Your Audience

Before you can grow your audience, you need to identify who you want to serve with your content. Everyone is not your target. Someone is.

Write a description of your ideal consumer. This persona will become the avatar of your Superfan. Your Superfan persona will evolve over time. So, it doesn’t have to be perfect now.

As you create content, write as if your Superfan is a living person that you’re have a direct conversation. Don’t make it complicated.

How to Quit the Job You Love Plan
So let’s recap.
Update your connections with the people you want to be in business with next.
Identify your area of expertise and start publishing relentlessly.
Start building your email subscriber list. Offer exclusive content for joining your list.
Build your Superfan persona so that you know exactly the type of person you want to attract.
Get started today. Your results will let you know when you can give your two-weeks notice.
One Last Thing

Start building your references for your work.

  • Request endorsements for your skills from the people who know you well now.
  • Get your colleagues to write a recommendation for your LinkedIn profile
  • Capture email addresses, phone numbers, and titles for people who can vouch for your expertise.

Your references are easier to gather when you don’t need it. Make it a personal campaign to update your references on routine basis.

Never be afraid to quit the job you love to live the life you desire.

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