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Content Universe: The Six Infinity Stones of Digital Marketing

The Nexus Stones are the elemental forces of People-First Content

Six Infinity Stones for Your Content Universe

In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the Mad Titan Thanos made a quest to acquire the six Infinity Stones for his gauntlet. Allow me to introduce you to six Nexus Stones you’ll need for your Content Universe.

According to Taneleer Tivan, The Collector, the Infinity Stones are singularities that existed before creation. Likewise, you’ll need to gather these stones for your content creation.

Wong, the Sorcerer Supreme, described them as elemental crystals that each control an essential aspect of existence. Each Nexus Stone controls an essential aspect of of your customer experience.

Master Your Content Marketing Universe

The Infinity Stones can only be brandish by beings of extraordinary strength. Nexus Stones are used by world-class marketers to build People-First Brands.

Like Infinity Saga, you need to acquire and use the Six Nexus Stones to expand your Content Universe.

The Nexus Stones are the elemental forces of People-First Content:


Content cornerstones are the most important  are the major topics for your website.

Cornerstone draws its name from masonry.  In construction, the cornerstone is the first stone that masons set that all other stones depend on for support.

Yoast defines cornerstone content as the core of your website.

Hubspot uses the phrase Pillar Content to describe cornerstones.


In your Content Universe, your cornerstone content is your core messaging foundation.

Your content strategy must build on that foundation to expand your Content Experience Platform.


Keystones are the second infinity stones of your Content Universe. They are essential for widening the breadth of your Cornerstone topics.

Keystones are the planks of your content strategy.

We use keystone articles to build Nexus Clusters for our Cornerstone topics. The clusters build categorical authority and showcase domain expertise.


The Capstone is the third Nexus Stone for your Content Universe.

Add depth and longtail keyword phrases with Capstones.

Capstone posts can be short. Use internal links to connect back to larger topics you’ve already covered in your Cornerstone and Keystone articles.

Capstone Content always includes a direct call-to-action (CTA) to move customers to the next stage of the customer journey.

Examples of Capstone Content include:

  • Video Shorts
  • Podcast Episodes
  • Sales Pages
  • SEO Articles


Gemstones are Rich Snippets (also called Featured Snippets) for search result pages.  Rich Snippets help your potential customers get high-quality answers on search.

Rich Snippets use structured data to provide more information than a standard search results. As a result, these Gemstones have a higher clickthrough rate than typical search results.

Create Gemstones in all of your pages and posts. Optimize your content to provide direct answers to your audience’s top questions.

Gemstones are featured snippets on Google. Featured snippets appear above all other search results.

You can increase your brand’s search visibility without spending money on ads by using Gemstones throughout your Content Universe.


The Nexus Lodestone may be our favorite of the Content Universe Infinity Stones.

Lodestones are naturally magnetic. Use Lodestone Content to attract your Paragon Buyer Persona into your marketing and sales funnels.

Nexus Lodestones come in two variations: Content Upgrades and Free Tools.

Content Upgrades

Content Upgrades are custom Lodestones for your blog posts and landing pages.

Lodestones work best when you create actionable posts for your blogs, episodes, and stories.

Each Content Lodestone is tailored to your post, your Paragon Persona, and the customer success stage.

Content Lodestones surpass generic lead magnets. Help you customers become successful in exchange for their email address.

One of our favorite Content Lodestones are Nexus Webinars.

Nexus Webinars are perfect for:

  • Positioning your brand
  • Demonstrating your offers
  • Showcasing expertise
  • Qualifying your prospect

Free Tools

Buyers love freebies. Lodestone Tools are free tools that help them practice or prep for your products.

So what are some examples of Lodestone Tools?

Excel workbooks are great tools for data-driven products and services. Workbooks can help your customers pre-format their data in preparation for your offer.

Another surprising Free Tool is the quiz. Not pop quizzes from grade school.

Quizzes are ideal when assessments or audit data is needed. The results can be used prepare your prospects for the next journey stage.


The Nexus Touchstone is the last of the Content Universe Infinity Stones.

Touchstones are content pieces optimized for your social channels.

The effective measure for Touchstones is the clickthrough rate.

The clickthrough rate is the number of visitors that see your posts and go to your landing page.

We split test our Nexus Touchstones to find the content pieces with the highest clickthrough rate.

Nexus Stonecraft: Six Elements of Content Marketing

You must master stonecraft to build a People-First Content Platform.

Before the creation of the Nexus Stones, our Content Universe was finite.

Our Cornerstone content would grow old and stale because we didn’t have a holistic content strategy.

Today, we give our content a mission. We recommend that you master the Nexus Stonecraft to do same for your content.

Here’s the mission:

  • Increase our organic clickthrough traffic on search and social using Gemstones, Capstones, and Touchstones.
  • Create world-class content that is helpful and actionable for our Paragons
  • Surge subscribers and drive conversions with Content Lodestones
  • Increase our marketing gravity with Nexus Cluster for Cornerstone and Keystone articles.
  • Drive brand loyalty and revenue with content aligned to our Paragon’s Desires.

Create Your Content Universe Infinity Stones

Use your new vocabulary to describe your content’s mission.

As you infuse Nexus Stonecraft into your content strategy, you’ll be able to worry less about SEO and focus more on clickthrough rates, conversions, and revenue growth.

We recommend three follow-up actions:

  1. Perform a Content Audit. Find out what you have and it’s effectiveness.
  2. Attend Paragon Positioning. Make your message resonate so that your ideal buyers to take action.
  3. Establish your Gold Standard. Use your Content Audit and Paragon Work to establish the benchmark for your People-First Content Experience.
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