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Episode Zero

The Grand Experiment. This is the alpha edition of The Marketunity™. Hear CAM EVANS, MBA as he casts his vision. Plus, get insights into how our show can help you grow your business.

Episode Zero Grand Experiment Show Notes


Welcome to The Marketunity™!

This is Episode Zero

and this episode represents our grand experiment.

A lot of things are going into The Marketunity™ Podcast series.

Our show is a culmination of so many things

you’ll hear us talk about in the future

episodes that we had.

We’ve created so many different brands for madegrandbycam

around content that we were basically diluting the brand

and I’m thrilled

and excited to be able to move back from some of the madness

and chaos that was self-inflicted

that we created ourselves in order to generate our new show,

our new focus and get some things going.

So Episode Zero, our grand experiment.

One of the things that I want to talk about is really

how the show is organized and focused.

So as you listen to future episodes, you’re going

to see an evolution of things.

We are doing things differently.

Probably the first five episodes will have a lot

of different tests than them,

and then the first 50 episodes,

those tests will be a lot more structured

because there are different things that I want to learn,

experiment with, find out if they work, if they don’t work.

More importantly, are they easy to replicate and produce.

From our standpoint,

we’ve made significant investments in the

production quality, mixing, mastering,

and producing of our podcast show.

One, because I wanted to stand the test of time

that when we go back and listen to this five years from now,

10 years from now, that this still stands out

as a quality podcast production in comparison to all

of the things that are gonna happen with technology

over the next five, six years, et cetera.

The other thing, as I look at content,

this is really a documentary when I

think about our business Made Grand

By Cam is now eight years in business

and we’ve developed a lot of content in that eight years.

Super proud of the work that has been done.

And one of the things that as I was on my walk today

that I thought about, some people have imposter syndrome.

I don’t have imposter syndrome.

I have PMS that I am a perfectionist trying

to master everything syndrome

and sometimes I procrastinate

in releasing content

because I want it to be the absolute best that it can be.

And it’s a condition

that I’ve been working on

and working with for some time to get

to a place ahead space.

And I have to do this with clients,

but I also have to do it first

and foremost with myself to recognize

that 90% good is better than everything else

that is out there in the world.

And when you can get to a place

where 90% good is better than everything else out there in

the world, you need to publish, you need to ship, you need

to get things done and out the door

and stop procrastinating waiting till you get that last 10%

to get it 100% perfected and which it cracks me up too.

’cause I hear when we talk to people today

and they want to agree with you

or say that something that’s right

or something that’s true, people say 100%

or a hundred percent.

And I hate that saying

because you can’t get anything done if you’re always waiting

to get to a hundred percent.

You need to get it to 90% and ship it

and you can always iterate.

You can always improve over time,

but you don’t need to be in a place where you’re thinking

that it’s gotta be absolutely perfect.

If people are pedantic and want to go

and articulate what things you could have done better,

then receive that criticism, receive that feedback

as at least somebody is listening

and enjoying your content enough to the point

that they can write something critical

and give you feedback about it.

The other side of that, of the creators, curators

and consumers, no one remembers the critics.

And so if you think that criticism is going to be the death

of you, don’t worry about it.

So I have to recognize that as our grand experiment

continues, that one by positioning

that this podcast show as an experiment

and as a documentary, it allows me to bring things to you

that otherwise I would’ve done like the Apostle Paul

and disappeared for three years before I came back

and started writing and producing some of the best work

of my life.

But we’re not gonna do that.

We’re gonna just release and let go so

that you can get a sense of what is happening with MADEGRAND

By Cam and not try to do so many big productions,

but do smaller iterations so

that we can get things out the door.

The final thing about the podcast is

that everything will always be done in threes.

I have really wrapped my head around this notion

of a trinity of ideas to focus everything

around our business under this, the number three.

And the reason for that is that if you look at our website,

there are three key result areas that

We focus on growing your audience, capturing more leads

and delighting your buyers.

And then our overarching pillars

for the company are three, content automation

and marketing, which are aligned to the three

key result areas that I just laid out.

We’ve also just done some significant work in making sure

that even on our homepage

and throughout all of the landing pages across the site,

that when we offer a plan to help you do business with us

and help you grow your business,

that is not more than three steps.

So just like this podcast, this is the final

act of the podcast.

That number one Act one is an is a grand experiment.

Act two is a documentary so

that we can share our notes as we go.

And number three, that will be aligning the podcast

to our key areas of content, automation and marketing

or our key result areas of growing your audience,

capturing more leads and delighting your buyers.

We don’t need to talk about anything else.

We don’t need to worry about anything else.

And we can spend our time in these domains

and still have an inexhaustive amount of content to share

with you so that you can grow your business.

My belief, and and, and it’s a twofold belief.

Number one, I believe that growth can be automatic

if you have the right systems, frameworks,

and disciplines in place.

And when growth is automatic, you can begin to chart

and engineer the lifestyle of your dreams.

And so we are taking all of the things that we believe about

May grand by cam, the edicts that I have

as the the Chief Marketunist™,

and really putting them on display so

that you can debate them, argue them, adopt them,

challenge them, whatever you want to do with them so

that you can be edified, inspired and make your life better.

But that is number one, we believe

that growth can be automatic.

The other part that is a core belief for me, Made Grand By Cam,

is that we need to free our minds to believe

that anyone can become a millionaire if you know how

to create an amazing hypnotic offer, generate leads

for your offer and bring it home so

that people can actually make a purchase.

That thought process is super simple to say,

and it’s actually super simple to do.

But the harder part that we need to wrap our head around

is shifting our mindset to actually make it happen.

And when you can make that flip, that switch in your brain

to making it happen, that yes, I can be a millionaire

and I should not be b******g about money or inflation

or the economy,

but I should be really channeling my energy

to create my own personal economy that is not impacted

or negatively affected by the global economy,

macro economy, or US economy.

And when you start thinking that way, you start

reshaping the conversations you have with the people

that you talk to the most.

And we’re gonna help you in the process

of talking about The Marketunity™, the opportunities,

and the markets that are here for all of us

to pursue our greatest discipline, our greatest passion.

We can do the coolest things we’ve ever done in life,

if we will just step up and grab The Marketunity™.

So that’s it for this episode.

I’m not gonna even say anything else.

I’m not even gonna spend a whole lot

of time editing this episode.

I’m just going to level out the audio, make sure

that there’s no pops

and semblance, all of the cool things I’m not gonna add

or creative tag to the beginning of this.

And nor am I going to put all of the other crap

that usually happens in a podcast on this one

because it is Episode Zero.

We’ll do all that stuff in the future podcast shows.

But I will close with this.

May there always be a market for the things we do

and I hope that you find your market too.

Take care. Bye.

The Marketunity™
Episode Zero
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