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MADEGRANDBYCAM—Easier to Buy with New Shopping Features

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MADEGRANDBYCAM Accepts Major Credit Cards and Tap-to-Pay

Shopping and purchasing with MADEGRANDBYCAM (MGXC) just got a lot easier. We’ve upgraded our website to enable secure online payments with all major credit cards. We’re also enabling Secure Chip and Tap payments from Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay for our live events.  With our e-commerce websites and convenient payment options, MGXC clients get the benefit of making trustworthy transactions without hidden processing fees. We’re excited to make these announcements as we continue to expand our products, experiences, and services for the FUTURE #MADEGRAND™.

Secure and Convenient Experience

In the past, MADEGRANDBYCAM accepts credit cards for booking portrait reservations and through our in-person sales process. Today, our clients want the ability to be cashless and leave their wallets at home. The additional security of processing modern chip-based credit cards allows us to keep our transaction security on par with trusted brands around the globe. Even more, our new Tap-to-Pay options enable our clients to pay with their smartphone, smartwatch, or other Tap-to-Pay enabled smart devices. MGXC remains steadfast to deliver on our industry leadership and commitment to digital privacy and online security.

I’ve used and trusted PayPal for nearly 20 years for my personal online transactions. I couldn’t be more thrilled to incorporate PayPal security and business innovation into MADEGRAND. — Cam Evans, MBA, Photographer

No Hidden Credit Card Processing Fees

Our business is rooted growth and innovation. Today, MGXC is well-established and offers a variety of learning experiences—both online and hands-on immersions for creative entrepreneurs and makers. Accepting secure, credit card transactions on MADEGRANDBYCAM.COM saves our tribe real money.

When we considered our events strategy, we looked at all of the popular [ticketing platform] offerings. Each is great in it’s own right. However, I didn’t want to pass on a fee for credit card processing plus a ticket processing fee to our amazing events for the creative community. I knew we could do better. So we did.—Cam Evans, MBA, Photographer

Now, all ticketed events hosted by MADEGRANDBYCAM™ and its brands can be purchased directly through MADEGRANDBYCAM.COM. There are no hidden fees for credit card processing. Even better, there are no ticket processing fees! The entire experience is seamlessly integrated into without having to log into multiple websites for making a purchase. Find the event you want to join and purchase a ticket directly from MADEGRANDBYCAM.COM.
The MADE GRAND™ Experience is committed to making every connection between our amazing clientele and Cam better. Delivering real value and innovation while saving our clients time and money is a major differentiation for our brand experience.



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