Mastering the Modern Modeling Career

Model Book and Look Development

Showcase your creative range and expand your modeling career.

Made to Publish

Making a model book is an exhilarating and creative endeavor. Your MGXC Model Book will feature diverse viewpoints and an avant-garde aesthetic. Together, we can create stunning visuals and motion pictures that work for print, publication, and social.

Made to Desire

Every image must tell a story. That story can be a word. It can evoke an emotion. Or it can conjure a memory. We craft every frame to be provocative and evocative for telling your brand story. Together, we can create images that elicit desire.

Made to Win

Stunningly, beautiful portraits are just the beginning. MGXC provides a full complement of motion features, behind-the-scenes, and interactive media for a richer experience. So let's make something the world hasn't seen yet—Your Story.

Let’s Make Some
Kick-Ass Images

Your self-discipline is contagious!

Fitness Model Photography

You're reason for being fit is deeply intrinsic. Health and wellness is a lifestyle choice. An inspired journey for a vibrant life. Your book of images are an inspiration for others. Your images inspire commitment and tenacity for others to make their own fitness journey.

You know what? You make this look good!

Fashion Model Photography

Some live vicariously through you. Others want to live like you. They want to upgrade their life with your style. Your portfolio focuses on the complete look from head-to-toe, details matter. Style matters.

You're so trustworthy...I'll buy one.

Social Influencer Model

You're the taste-maker. Your sense of style and intuition for the hottest trends sets you apart from the pack. Your portfolio connects to the emotional core of your followers and they expect continued levels of quality in every image of you and your world.

My my're rare!

Body Positive Model

The beauty of woman is that she's fierce and captivating in each curve and dress size. You redefine the female image. Your beauty creates a new category for men and women to desire the modern, authentic woman.

Say huh? Say What!?

Brand Ambassador Photography

Brands call you their hero ambassador. They need you to connect their audience with your lifestyle and followers. Whether it's a trade show floor or a commercial, your book of images must enable your clients to see that their brand experience is a perfect dance partner for your sought-after qualities.

Don't be look amazing.

Glamour Model Photography

Glamour photography produces some of our favorite images. We often do these on-location in exotic spaces and travel destinations. Most of our models build these books for their followers and patrons as well as for brands and/or calendars.

Modeling Insights
February 12, 2018

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Made Grand By Cam’s New Address, One Model Place

Made Grand By Cam is now live and networking with models, talent, and artists on One Model Place.

Model Folios Made For Desire

Creative Collaboration

Cam loves working with people that push his creativity into the divine. Our shoot begins with a mood board and a visual quest, but together we can make something new and unpredicted.

Par Excellence

Every investment has been made to ensure that MGXC work is competitive. In reality, we want your Made Grand Xperience to be your benchmark for every thing you do.

Stay Flexible

We plan our shoots, but leave room for serendipitous opportunities. We don't look for inspiration, we create the climate for inspired work flourish organically.

Modern Model Book

You've got images. Lot's of them. What do they say about you...your story...your brand? You've haven't done your best work...until now. Let's upgrade your book!

Cinematic Motion

Still and motion photography, and more co-exists in our suite of capabilities. Our model book productions are among the most extensive...and you're the feature!

Eliminate Competition

She's published. He's got more likes. Who gives a shit? This is a competitive business. Put your big girl pants on and let's get made. You got this!

Let's Start This Shoot!

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