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Cam Evans Featured in Shutter Magazine!

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Made Grand By Cam Fashion Photography Featured in Shutter Magazine

You may not understand how much I love Shutter Magazine. I remember when I discovered my first issue a couple years ago. The cover texture of the magazine feels like a fine art print. Shutter Magazine doesn’t look or indeed feel like a typical magazine. The magazine covers everything from the business of photography to the techniques of the artists to the delight of retail and commercial clients. I sought this magazine all over Dallas-Fort Worth going to Barnes & Nobles stores across the metroplex just to get the latest issue. I finally became a subscriber to reduce my fuel bill.
It’s with that prelude that I’m tremendously honored and humbled to be published in a magazine that I have such deep admiration and affection. I’ve had distinct pleasure to meet and learn from Shutter Magazine’s editor-in-chief, Sal Cincotta over the past year. Sal is a highly successful, serial entrepreneur and professional photographer. He has a unique knack for revealing dramatic story in the most mundane settings that other photographers overlooked and missed the details. Sal & Co found my photography work worthy of publication. It’s a feeling that’s both transformative and exhilarating at once.
Cam Evans, Featured Photographer

Cam Evans, Professional Photographer, Featured In Shutter Magazine December 2018

The Story Behind the Shutter Magazine Feature

What you may not immediately know is that I style many of my own shoots. I have vision in mind from inception to print of what I want to create and produce in each Made Grand Experience. This shoot was no exception. I spent considerable sourcing wardrobe to meet my creative style. I found the look that I wanted from Tart Collections to set the scene.  I also needed the perfect muse to capture the look I wanted to produce. I was fortunate to connect with Willa Prescott and she agreed to come to my atelier to produce the vision in my mind.
The high fashion appeal is one of the beautiful aspects of this image. That was achieved by adding colored gels to my Phottix Indra strobe lights to produce a tonal glow to set the image apart from pack. The background is actually white. However, my manipulation of light and  physics produce a neutral tone to create enough contrast in the details to make the image pop.

Featured In Shutter Magazine December 2018

What Next for Made Grand By Cam

As an artist, being published in print by a third-party is an acknowledgement and provides bona fides of my capabilities. I believe in self-publishing. However, it doesn’t hold the same gravitas of being affirmed by your industry peers. This was an important milestone for my company and my personal mission. I’m thrilled to share this accomplishment with you.
Going forward, I have a lot of work planned for the upcoming 2019 year. My team will be embarking on more avant-garde and modern commercial work. It going to be yeoman’s task. As we get more things published and featured in galleries, I’ll be sure to share them and the backstory with you.
Thank your time in reading. I invite you to leave a comment about your publishing story below. I would love to celebrate your success with you.

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