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An Incredible Journey Begins

Repositioning for the Momentum Decade
Journey of Reinvention and Repositioning

The Journey—The Reinvention of Cam Evans

After working decades, I finally took my sabbatical. I needed to rediscover my creative core. During my sabbatical, I observed the accelerating pace of innovation. It seems, the experience has overtaken technologically-driven change. That was my cue. I would begin new life journey—the Reinvention of Cam Evans.
Reinvention is common for me. I’ve been reinventing myself for decades. Seeing what’s next, that’s core to my personal brand. It always has been.
Prepare for the shift. Don’t rely on past glory.
Meanwhile, the nature of work has transformed.  Our gig economy is in full-swing. The share economy continues to prosper. The on-demand economy moved from movies to fast food. That’s just the tip of the shift. All of this, awakened new and old ideas for me.

Dawn of the Third Decade

Can you believe it’s the third decade of the 21st Century? This new decade will be the creative renaissance. Disruptive innovations will give rise to new opportunities. Old industries can adapt or die. Engagement is driving the creative economy.
Disruption and the specter of jobs being eliminated are bedfellows. This will continue to capture headlines. Frankly, Westerners shouldn’t want the jobs that have been moved beyond our shores. Those jobs were low-paying roles. Moreover, they outdated roles are quickly being replaced by artificial intelligence (AI.)
The rise of AI recent years has my full attention. As an artist, I can employ AI to augment my capabilities. AI helps reduce costs and produce a superior product. In the third decade, quantum computing goes mainstream.  AI will take a “quantum leap” forward. Many jobs will vanish in the next decade. However, there is opportunity for creative professionals.

MADE GRAND—Blog Reinvention

Welcome to MADE GRAND Magazine. MADE GRAND at its core is the blueprint for reinvention. The articles feature here about business and personal transformation. We’ll focus on building influence across channels and media. Ultimately, MADE GRAND will help you standout in an economy where technology empowers everyone.
For me, my reinvention isn’t a new personal brand. In fact, my personal brand is reinvention. That said, I want to help you re-position your brand. You’re going to need agility and keen insight. It’s not about survival. Rise and thrive!
Reinvention is our journey. It’s a journey MADE GRAND.

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