After a years of work in both the Public Sector and Corporate America, I took a long sabbatical to rediscover my creative core. In the midst of my sabbatical, the world was changing. Here in the United States, we had what many still consider a hotly contested election. The election signal more than a mere transition of power, but it also, herald significant change in our economy and services to our citizens. Meanwhile, ongoing advances in the technology industry continued to transform the very nature of work. It was in this intersection of the economy and the transformation of work that a powerful idea was rekindled in me.

We will soon begin the third decade of the 21st Century. My daughter will be amongst the first the graduates from high school in what I hope will be the “Soaring 20’s” for her young adult life. However, I am watchful to ensure that her education is not a 20th Century experience. In a nutshell, education as we know it is passé–continuous learning is new driver of the creative economy.

The specter of jobs being eliminated by immigrants and corporations moving overseas is both partly true and mostly a lie. Frankly, Americans shouldn’t desire the jobs that have been moved beyond our shores. Jobs, as we know them, are quickly becoming automated through artificial intelligence. Underneath this rise of artificial intelligence and machine learning is another technology poised to make AI even more human in its capabilities–quantum computing.

Over the course of this magazine, I’ll share insights into why quantum computing and artificial intelligence inspired me to build a creative brand company. How could something seemingly steeped in technology foster the development of such arts-based enterprise? That’s not only the right question–it’s also the answer that I am fully persuaded will change your life.

Welcome to an incredible new journey into transforming the contemporary citizen into the necessary brand of tomorrow. It’s time to get Made Grand By Cam.



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