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Personal Branding

Personal Branding Strategy and Personal Brand Photography for Dallas and Fort Worth

Be Trustworthy

Everything moves at the speed of trust. Embrace it.

Build Your Authority

Share your expertise, become a prolific cross-media publisher.

Expand Your Influence

Attract, Connect, and Engage Your Audience with Authenticity!

Activate Your Tribe

Great Personal Brands Move People, Not Garner Likes!

Start Your Transformation

Reinventing You

It's doesn't matter where or how you start. What matters is the story we tell ourselves and others.

Character Matters

Character is no longer who you are when no one is looking. It's who you were before they were looking.

Personal Branding, Powered By Acumen

Showcase Your Expertise

Don't hide your gifts. If you're a speaker—speak. Build on your gifts. They will make room for you at the best tables.

Build Your Brand Story

Ultimately, your story is not the one you're repeating. Your story is the one your client is repeating.

Publish Purposefully

Publishing across platforms can grow your audience. To grow exponentially, your brand needs a strategy.

Focus and Refine

You may be multi-talented. However, your story needs to be focused. Good deep before you go wide.

Differentiate Your Brand

Being better is one thing. Being different allows you to widen the gap and grow your own market. Make your uniqueness an asset!

Iconic and Male - Men's Photography Experience

Quality vs. Consistency.

Creating high-quality content is the only way to stop your audience from scrolling. Consistently, delivering high-quality consistently communicates your trustworthiness and authoritativeness. Personal branding requires both. It’s not optional.

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Discover Professional Headshot & Personal Brand Portrait Photography.

Your face introduces your brand! Make a grand introduction!

Transcend the Noise

Technology is democratizing everything. It's a "here comes everybody world!" This shift creates both opportunity and noise. Effective Personal Branding Strategy transcends the noise.

Boldly Go…

If you're imitating others or following trends, you're going to be overcome with noise. Blaze your own trail!

Consult Your Mentor

There are people who have gone ahead of you. Learn from them to go further—faster

Brand Your Excellence

Don't expect clients to recognize excellence. Show them. Make them Bill to your Ted for the adventure!

Innovate Relentlessly

Competition will follow and overtake you if you stagnate. Constant innovation is your competitive edge.

Branding Foundation

Immortal Branding Transformation

This is a perfect starting point to build your personal brand folio.


Brand Engagement

Immortal Branding Transmedia

Incorporate video into your brand folio for dynamic engagement with your audience


Strategic Branding

Immortal Branding Transcendence

Build a visual narrative for long-term audience engagement and conversions.


About Immortal Branding

What exactly is Immortal Branding?

Immortal Branding is the only comprehensive Personal Brand development experience in Dallas-Fort Worth. Immortal Branding provides personal brand photography, personal brand creative media, and strategy consultation to increase conversions for your tribe.

How do I book my own Immortal Brand experience?

You can book a Immortal Branding Consultation right here on MADEGRANDBYCAM.COM. We will provide you with the most appropriate path for your business goals, budget, and audience.

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Can I pay by credit card, cashier's check, or commercial check?

We’ve made invoicing super easy for your Immortal Branding experience. For immediate delivery, you can pay online with any major credit card. Cashier’s check are preferred. Commercial checks are also welcome.

MADEGRANDBYCAM Accepts all Major Credit Cards

Will I be able to use my Immortal Branding creative on my commercial website?

Absolutely! Unlike our retail photography, Immortal Branding includes a  commercial license so that you can use the photography for building your brand across media.

Is it available in my country?

Immortal Branding consultations are available worldwide via Skype. Travel and production for international personal brand photography and filmmaking can be discussed during your consultation.

The best Brand Strategy

articles, written daily.

Branding Expertise

Get in-depth insight on how to build your authority and trustworthiness for your brand. No gimmicks. No bullshit. Just what works!

Brand Storytelling

Think of your brand story as a television series, it's told in episodes. Some are self-contained episodes, while others are part of a larger story arc.

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The world is accelerating. We built curriculum for creative professionals and entrepreneurs to build momentum for their personal brands and business success. Build your competitive advantage while building your momentum!

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