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New Rules for Business 4.0

A 7-step plan to make your growth automatic in the Fourth Industrial Age.
What come first: build your business website or a high converting landing page? This is a beautiful question! It’s the chicken-and-the-egg question for building your Digital Brand Experience.  The answer is your audience comes first. However, not for the reasons you think. Discover the New Rules for Business 4.0 to find out why!


Business 4.0 Rule #1: Create People-First Content Experiences


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Once upon a time, a customer-first business was enough. Let’s face it. Customers are unpredictable. You must earn customer loyalty in every interaction.

In the past, you didn’t have a business unless you had a customer. That was before the New Rules for Business 4.0. Today, you’re slowly going out of business if you don’t have an audience. Your business priority must be to build community around your brand. 

Focus On Your Audience’s Success

Contrary to contemporary thinking, your customers are not the source of your business growth. Spoiler Alert! Your audience is.

Your audience is where prospective customers discover your business. You can create an infinite pipeline of opportunities by growing your audience. This new rule shouldn’t come as a radical notion.

What’s more radical is that your goal is not to convert your audience into customers. Set your intention to enable your audience’s success so that they become advocates for your brand. We call your most zealous advocates Superfans.

Fostering Superfans requires a continuum of value creation across the customer experience. We’ll talk more about that in a moment.

New Rules for Business #2: Make Content Consistency Your Priority

You can’t attract an audience without content. Your audience won’t grow without the consistent publishing of new content. Content marketing is how you maintain relevance and stay top-of-mind for your audience.

Don’t make producing content difficult. Forego perfection to maintain consistency. You can continually improve your content over time. For now, set a weekly deadline to create something relevant to solving your audience’s core challenges.

Here’s a hard truth that you must understand. Your followers on social media are not your audience. Those followers belong to the social platform. You need your own Digital Brand Experience to identify who your audience is. We’ll talk more about how to do that next.

New Rules #3: Create an Offer to Build Your Subscriber List

The first two rules are the foundation for achieving Rule 3: Build your list. The list helps you identify the members of your audience who are most likely to purchase something from you. We call that segment of your audience prospects.

So, how do you get your audience on your list? Become the Godfather! Make them an offer they can’t refuse in exchange for an email address!

Too often, entrepreneurs try to make a quick sale to their audience. Audiences are savvy. They want courtship before they commit to a purchase. Use your content to nurture your audience. Provide something of more value to get them to add their email address to your list.

Next, we’ll discuss the mechanics of getting those names on your list.

New Rules #4: High Converting Landing Pages Are A Must-Have

A landing page is the entry point to moving contacts into your marketing funnel for your prospects. Your landing pages need a form to capture data. Ask only for an email address to get started.

You can ask for more information when your prospects are further along their customer journey. At this early stage, ask only for the one piece of information you need. If you ask too many questions, your audience will ignore your offer.

A valid email address is more valuable than you realize. We recommend using one of our email service providers to fill in the blanks with more information to help you segment your list.

Develop a landing page for your brand’s unique offers and customer journey. It’s best practice to create a funnel for each product or service for your business. All those landing page funnels sound like a lot of work. We solve that challenge with Rule#5.

New Rules #5: Automate Your Email Marketing Campaigns

If you sell one service or 1,000 products, automate your business. As your audience subscribes to your list, email marketing automation will start a guided process to move each prospect towards a purchase. That’s great. However, that’s not the point of automation.

Automation is how your brand achieves scale without eating your profits. You’ll see your prospects’ behavior in real-time by automating your business. Moreover, you can dynamically score contacts to determine the appropriate follow-up engagement to advance their customer journey.

You can do it without automation. That would require hiring more people to find out if your prospects opened the email you sent. You would waste your time and money along with your contacts.

Automation keeps your business running predictably. Take an extended holiday, and your automation will run in your absence. While you take personal time, your automation will personalize each engagement for your subscribers. Let’s dig deeper.

New Rules #6: Engage Your Subscribers with Personalized Content

Don’t automate your business to do mass marketing. Automation enables personalization at scale. As your prospects interact with your Digital Brand Experience, you gain insights into their interests. Their behaviors will help you refine your marketing to an audience of one.

Your prospects aren’t merely another number. You need with each moment of truth (MoT) across your brand touchpoints. Use personalization to transform those moments into purchasing momentum.

Keep your audience growing so that you can keep your master list growing. The list represents the segment of your audience ready to enter a customer journey experience with your brand. So, give them what they need to make buying from you an easy decision.

New Rules #7: Your Website Must Complete Your Customer Journey

The final rule is a dealbreaker for your customer experience. Don’t make your prospects pick up the phone to call you to make a purchase. That’s ineffective. Your website must complete the customer journey with the ability to “Buy Now.” Without a “Buy Now” button, your business is just a hobby.

If your customer can’t complete their purchase on your website, it must facilitate satisfying the buying decision. That means you have placed all the content for a buyer’s journey on your website. Publish the content to remove purchase objections and reduce risk on your website. Human contact is the final step only to complete the purchase.

Imagine if you had to call before every purchase. How many people would they have to hire to answer the phone? Amazon has been relentless at making the buyer’s journey a pain-free self-guided experience. You don’t need a “Call Now” button as the main call-to-action on your website. Focus on making it easy to “Buy Now” through your website.

Don’t waste your money building a brochure website. It won’t make you any money. Keep growing your list until you’re ready for your audience to buy direct from your website. Serve your audience’s needs at each stage in their customer journey experience. 

Business 4.0 Rules Reprise

If you follow these seven Business 4.0 Rules consistently, your business growth will be automatic. Build your customer experience to convert your audience into brand advocates. Your brand advocates will increase your growth by lowering customer acquisition costs. Go from automatic to exponential growth with your audience-first brand. 

Need help getting started? We’re ready to guide you through your Business 4.0 Transformation. Take advantage of the offer below to get the expanded Business 4.0 Rules eBook and your Complimentary Audit for your business. Sign up now to jumpstart your growth with MADEGRANDBYCAM.

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