Branding + Strategy
January 1, 2019

Are You Ready to Soar?

It's time for the no bullshit, let's do cool shit mindset. You don't have time to waste on meaningless, mindless work. Step into the rift of new disruptive opportunities. Disruption Means Opportunities In many ways it was a great year. It provided significant challenges. Opportunities for growth and better positioning. Yet, it was fraught with challenges from unsuspecting and surprising…
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Branding + Strategy
April 1, 2017

Re-Making Our Portfolio Experience

In the beginning, photography portfolios were mainly about showcasing great portraits and images. Today, I believe we must be able to present something more.
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Branding + Strategy
March 22, 2017

Marketing in the Attention Economy

Do you promote on Instagram!? Do You Buy Facebook Ads? Do you Boost Your Content? Everything to get more eyeballs!
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Branding + StrategyMotion
March 5, 2017

With the Right Stock, You Can Make People Believe Anything

Imagine the stories that brand managers could tell without ever shooting single piece of footage!
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Branding + Strategy
January 5, 2017

What Does Your Online Brand Say About You

The job market becomes more competitive each year, you have to create and build a personal brand that tells your story of incredible value and high contribution for your employer,…
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