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Advance Your Brand
Attract Your Superfans

One-Day Event Exclusively for Your Growth

What Is A Superfan Branding Advance?

The Superfan Branding Advance is a One-Day Brand Positioning Workshop with our inbound marketing mavens. Conclude the day with your repositioned branding live on your website to attract your ideal clients into your marketing funnels and more.

Get more done in one day to accelerate your growth.

Apply now and see if your business is ready to advance!

Contagious Hooks

You’ve got mere seconds to stop your audience from scrolling to the next post. Your brand needs contagious headlines to captivate your superfans’ desires. Make killer content!

Epic Stories

Make your audience the hero of your brand story. Help them transform into their better selves with clear persona-driven messaging. Your story matters. Make it meaningful today.

Hypnotic Offers

Great offers show more value for money to your audience. Hypnotic Offers include so much value that they are simply irresistible. Make buying from you a no-brainer decision!

Audience-First Content
Your audience cares about their own interests. Audience-first content is helpful by design. We help you speak with the voice of your customer to solve their most pressing problems.
All-Organic SEO

Your superfans love it when they can easily find helpful content. Expand your content universe to help searchers find your treasures.

SEO Copywriting

Content that doesn’t convert your audience into revenue isn’t useful. Create content optimized for your buyer’s intent to purchase to grow.

Only The Metrics That Matter
Your Superfan Advance provides the metrics that matter at each stage of your content marketing lifecycle. No more guessing if your marketing is working. Move forward with clarity.

Goal #1: Increase your page views on your landing pages, blogs, and lead funnels! Your audience needs to your content to become loyal fans.


Goal #2: Grow your email subscriber lists with content upgrades and lead magnets! Now you can segment your audience for custom messages.


Goal #3: Generate qualified leads for your sales funnels with video, quizzes, applications, and webinars! Monetize your lead generation.

Leap Forward In One-Day


Your Superfan Brand Positioning Workshop takes the guest work out of building your owned audience and your lead pipeline. By combining multiple services and products into this one-day experience, you get all of your content marketing bases covered with incredible value. Finish the day with live content to sharing on your core channels.

Checkout all of the services and products included in your Advance Workshop. You’re going to love the results.

Content Strategy

Do you know who you want to help with your story? Let’s identify your superfan persona so we can create content they love.

Conversion Copy

The right words matter. Tell your superfans how you can help them avoid disaster and thrive with as few words as possible.

Video Sales

Create an emotional connection with your ideal buyers with a video sales letter. Visualize your offer to help them win.

Landing Pages

Find out what works with A/B testing for your landing pages. Target your audience with content that drives conversions.

Email Campaigns

Personalize your story for nurture campaign. Create custom offers to bring your audience back to your funnels regularly.

Superfan Funnels

Create unmatched value for your superfans with every offer. Make buying smarter for your ideal customer with Nexus Funnels.

What Our Brand Positioning Workshop Clients Say…
Dr. M Mitchell

Our business growth had plateaued before we got a call from Cam. The Superfan workshop helped us simplify our story and put helpful content online so that we could grow.

D. Hollins
No Fear Investments

The big surprise for us was the amount of production value we got in just one day. It was well worth our time and investment to advance our business beyond the basic things we were doing.

Meet your Superfan Branding Guide
Get the hard won stratagem you need to transform and grow your digital brand. Learn the secrets of the Internet fraternity that actually accelerate your business outcomes. Get your marketing masterclass for 10X growth.
CEO + Founder

CAM EVANS is the Chief Supplier of Cool Innovations for business owners building massive audiences with compelling value. He’s a seasoned entrepreneurial leader with an advanced sales, marketing, design, and technical background.  More than anything, CAM helps fellow entrepreneurs achieve their financial goals to engineer the lifestyle of their dreams.