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Celine Dion

Can you summon your talents at-will?
You don't have to be great all the time...You only have to be great when it's time!
Celine Dion

Inspiring Words from Celine Dion

I watched Celine Dion give this sage advice on NBC’s The Voice. She was coaching a contestant on how to summon their talent at will. Everyone has some talent. However, talent must be available on-demand to be effective.
As you look at your work, are you able to produce results when it matters most?

Celine Dion’s Message—Practice, Practice

The hidden message in this quote is you need to practice. Practice intentionally and practice often. For example, as a photographer I’m constantly developing my craft when no one is looking. Often, I’m working late on something experimental. Or, I’m developing my practice of an important technique that I want to do easily.
You can fail in practice. Falling down is okay in practice. That’s the point of practice. It gives you the freedom and safe space to hone your skills. We all need a safe space to practice. Doctor Strange has the Mirror Dimension. Neo had the Construct. So when it’s time, you can be great.

Talk Back to Me

Where’s your safe place to practice your skills? Do you summon your greatness on-demand? Leave your thoughts in the comments.

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