Cam Evans, Featured Photographer

"Hello! I'm Cam. Your hero maker"

As your photographer, every creative work we make together will reveal the hero in you. Are you ready to be the hero

Cam Evans

Entrepreneur. Artist. Educator.


Humanity is the most intriguing and compelling subject of all time. We are constantly striving to become more and better versions of ourselves. Each time that I have the good fortune to make a portrait of another soul; I have two objectives in mind:

  1. Reveal the innate greatness within you and to
  2. Add more value to your life experience.

I have lived a full and abundant life as a veteran, father, entrepreneur, and creative professional. I’ve been the hero of my own story countless times. As your photographer, every creative work we make together will reveal the hero in you.

Are you ready to be the hero⁉



Revealing the greatness in you is a daily passion for Cam. 

Light & Alchemy Bureau (LAB)

The Signature Style

LAB Works

The LAB is where Cam continually develops and enhances his signature style of iconic portraiture. The secret to his style is the qualitative impact of beautifully sculpted light, detailed compositions, savvy styling, precision post-production, professional printing, and the presentation experience.

“I’m never satisfied until my clients are completely ‘Wowed!'”

There are many other tools and techniques that Cam uses for his creative work. You can learn more by reading Made Grand Magazine or by watch the Made Grand Channel on YouTube.

#MadeGrand Creative

Motion & Mixed Reality

Cam’s history in photography has always been a courtship between still and motion photography. Today, aerial photography and mixed reality are new arenas of focus for the next-generation of portraiture.

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Styled by Cam

The Looks

Creating your heroic look requires you to be garbed in winning style. Every thread is a detail that tells your journey’s story. Whether you’re being dressed by Cam or bringing your own wardrobe, you’re look is going to be legendary.

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