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Welcome Professional Photographers and Enthusiasts

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Momentum Workshops for Professional Photographers

I love creative community in professional photography. Connecting with talented people that share their knowledge, insights, and creative recipes to advance art and craft of photography. Whether you’re a mobile phone photographer, action cam aficionado, or lover of interchangeable lens cameras, it’s time to increase your creative momentum for the next decade.

Finding the Intersection of Innovation

I’m constantly experimenting, failing, learning, and growing as a professional photographer. While my professional practice centers on portrait photography, the goal is simply to be a great photographer.
To that end, I study all aspects of photography and learn from other photographers. It’s in the intersection of disparate ideas that I find the sparks of innovation to produce something that is novel and necessary. So let’s create a collision of creativity together.

Welcome, Momentum Maker

My goal is to help you transform your creative pursuits into viable creative businesses. There are no right or wrong answers when it comes to creativity. There are only answers that are right for you and your situation.
Join me, as we push the boundaries of what’s possible. You’ll find that the best ideas can be found in the tried-and-true and unexplored territories.
Welcome professional photographers and visual storytellers, let’s make something grand together.

Pimp your Photography

Do you  want to improve your photography and visual storytelling skills?

Cam Evans, MBA. Photographer
Cam Evans, MBA. Photographer

Are you ready to raise the bar on your content creation skills? Join our creative community of makers and content creators. We provide workshops and tutorials for photographers, filmmakers, and content authors at all levels. Start reaching new audiences and new levels of engagement. Subscribe below to the Momentum Makers newsletter for tips, industry news, and promotions for upcoming workshops.
Let’s “upgrayedd” your creative pimp game! 

Want to Learn More About Off-Camera Flash!?

Check out our Momentum Photography+ WorkshopsOne Light. Starting with Off Camera Flash
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