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Restoring Momentum – The Next Normal for DFW Businesses

Never before has looking out for one another been more important. MADEGRANDBYCAM has developed action plan for Restoring Momentum for North Texas Business.

Restoring Momentum

April 23, 2020 Update: TDEM has designated MADEGRANDBYCAM an essential business under DHS/CISA Guidance. We are in compliance with the President and the CDC guidelines for businesses providing essential services.

Our world has changed in more ways than we could have imagined due to the spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19).  We have learned a tremendous amount about this strained of the SARS virus since January 2020. Our collective action is the only meaningful measure we can make to stop the spread of this virus. This gives scientists and medical professionals time to develop a vaccine and clinical therapy for each of us. As our world heals, MADEGRANDBYCAM has been focused on restoring momentum for our business and creative community. We are following federal and local guidelines to developed our economic response plan and Safe Portraits Protocols for photography.

As a business, we have placed the lion’s share of our resources on supporting essential services during this outbreak. Additionally, we know that as our economy recovers, many business owners need our expertise to modernize their practice for contactless engagement—both physical and digital. For our portrait clients, we have developed the Safe Portraits Protocols to ensure a safe and zero-contact creative experience with MADEGRANDBYCAM. For our furloughed and unemployed community, we’re developing new solutions to get them back into the next workforce.

Moving Forward to The Next Normal

The economy has never taken a hit like this since the Great Depression. We have record numbers of Americans out of work. Still, all of our lives are being supported by 3% of the workforce. This shift in the landscape is remarkable and unsettling. We’re never going back to business as usual. However, that doesn’t mean that The Next Normal won’t be better than our previous.

Safe Portraits Protocol for MADEGRANDBYCAM

Safe Portraits Protocols

We’re excited to announce the Safe Portraits Protocols for Photography. These protocols were developed to ensure that you have a safe and zero-contact portrait experience to stop the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19). The Safe Portrait Protocols exceed the federal and state guidelines and provide an operating framework that is easy for our clients. We want to continue to provide a vital service during this historic period.  As new information about the coronavirus updates public guidance, the Safe Portrait Protocols will be revisited and iterated to reflect the current state of play. Follow our social channels to stay current and well-informed. Let’s get to work and keep our community safe. Learn more about the Safe Portraits Protocol.

Open for Business Made Grand

The business community is stretched thin. It’s time re-imagine how we engage and delight our customers. MADEGRANDBUSINESS has built a portfolio of assets and capabilities specifically for business owners ready for the next level. We’re leading the charge for digital marketing for commercial and residential real estate professionals. We’ve unleashing new capabilities for the AEC community to accelerate owner lifetime value. Finally, we’re bring our product photography for eCommerce capabilities to the North Texas community. It’s an exciting to rethink and reposition your brand for the next normal. Learn more at

Restoring Momentum with Unknown Unknowns

We can’t predict everything that could possibly happen while we await medical and scientific breakthroughs. However, we are learning new ways and better methods of working, learning, and living. These news adaptive skills will be our strength in uncertainty. While many of will be able to adapt, we must remain vigilant for populations that don’t have the resources or agility to meet the challenges of the next normal. As a citizen and business owner, MADEGRANDBYCAM is in this journey with you. If there is any positive thing that can be said about the novel coronavirus, it has bound the human race more tightly together. Together we can achieve anything.
Let us know how we can serve you during this pandemic period in the comments below or contact us directly on Messenger.

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