Portrait Photography Pandemic Protocols

Safe Portraits Protocol

Protecting our community during the global pandemic is our first priority. MADEGRANDBYCAM is designated an essential service under DHS/CISA Guidance by the Texas Division of Emergency Management. We have developed the Safe Portraits Protocol based on recommendations and guidelines from the President, the CDC, Department of Homeland Security, and WHO. As insight on the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) improves, we will update our protocols to ensure your MADE GRAND Experience remains safe and healthy for you and us.

Portrait Photography Pandemic Protocols

MADEGRANDBYCAM is an “essential service” as define by Executive Order GA-16 for the State of Texas. The following measures are in effect for all portrait photography during the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. These measures will remain in effect until a vaccine and community inoculation has been enacted.  The singular purpose of the Safe Portraits Protocol is to follow the recommendations of President and CDC; and the State of Texas Executive Orders. Portrait clients must acknowledge compliance with the Safe Portrait Protocols for each portrait photography reservation. Learn more about MADEGRANDBYCAM Coronavirus Response—Restoring Momentum

Safe Portrait locations throughout the Metroplex

Our Safe Portrait Protocols are designed to be easy and most importantly exceed all federal and CDC guidelines to stop the spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19). This is a zero-contact and zero-stress portrait experience for everyone. The CDC estimates that 20-50% of population is asymptomatic for COVID-19. Additionally, the asymptomatic population may be more infectious than people who are sick. For this reason, follow the CDC guidelines on How to Protect  Yourself  & Others.  If you are sick, please stay home.

Zero-Contact Portraiture Experience

Our Zero Contact Portrait Experience starts by reducing the number of people involved in the creative process. Only the photographer and the subject can participate in each portrait experience. The subject is responsible for her or his makeup and hair styling and is required to arrive camera-ready.  The subject will manage their own wardrobe and accessories. The photographer will manage all lighting and grip equipment. Photographic scenes will be optimized to maintain at least six feet of distance between the photographer and the subject at all times.

Online Portrait Reservations & Document Signing

As a digital business, MADEGRANDBYCAM provides convenient online booking for all portrait reservations. Additionally, you can connect with us on Messenger for Safe Portrait Experiences not available on our public reservations. Finally, model releases and contract documents are all processed electronically through Adobe Document Cloud and can be signed and completed on your smartphone, tablet, or computer. The Safe Portrait Protocols never require you touch anything.

Online HD Video Conference & Consultation

Help is always a click-away. Messenger is our default text messaging client. Additionally, we use Skype to host one-on-one consultations and portraiture reveals. If you have questions at anytime, please feel free to reach out and connect directly on your phone or desktop device.

Order Prints & Products on MADEGRANDBYCAM.COM

You can complete your Safe Portrait Experience order in our secure eCommerce store. There, you can order luxury prints from our in-house print lab, designer albums, Museum Photographic Prints and digital prints. Our lab partners have limited production capabilities at this time. We’ll help you select photographic products that are most available during this pandemic.

Digital Gift Cards Are Available

We’ve been thrilled to offer our MADEGRAND Gift Cards for our Safe Portrait clients. Our gift cards are both physical and digital cards.  During the coronavirus (COVID-19) response, we are only providing digital cards. They are active immediately upon purchase and can be shared as gifts. Give the gift of choice!

The President’s


  • If you’re sick, please stay home.
  • If you feel ill during the experience, we will end the creative session immediately. 
  • We perform routine environmental cleaning. 
  • Promote exceptional etiquette for coughing and sneezing and handwashing.
  • Let’s talk about any concerns you have prior to reservations and the shoot.
  • We’ve implemented practices to minimize face-to-face contact until the actual Portrait Experience, in compliance local and state ordinances.
Photographic Products & Prints

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Create your personal MADE GRAND Museum with our Photographic Product & Prints. Our museum-quality prints are ready for you to showcase in your home and office. The collections range from portfolio boxes to large wall displays. Become a curator of great taste.

Give the gift of choice


Start planning your next photography shoot early with our MADE GRAND Gift Cards. Our gift cards are perfect for senior portraits and college graduates. Celebrate your loved one or yourself with our Signature Portraiture Gift Cards. Use them for any of our MADE GRAND Photography Products and Printing. Learn more about MADE GRAND Gift Cards.

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