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Are You Ready to Soar?

Disruption breeds new opportunities for the well-informed and well-prepared.

Disruption Means Opportunities

It’s time for the no bullshit, let’s do cool shit mindset. You don’t have time to waste on meaningless, mindless work. Step into the rift of new disruptive opportunities.

In many ways it was a great year. It provided significant challenges. Opportunities for growth and better positioning. Yet, it was fraught with challenges from unsuspecting and surprising quarters. I’m speaking professionally, economically, politically, and personally. Still, we prevailed…because we’re still here. And here…is really a new launching pad for a new epoch of tectonic transformation across all industries and careers.

I’m going to spend this year, writing about this new epoch of disruption and what it means for business owners and personal brands. You think you know. I thought I did. We have no idea of how everything we’ve known is about to upended by disruptive technology and innovations that were positioned in our lives in the last ten years.

My goal is simple. I want to provide you with invaluable and thoughtful insights that prompt you to act with urgency to seize opportunities and avoid obsolescence. Being ignorant is not bliss. It’s dumb. So is hoarding knowledge.

So subscribe. Share. Engage. Comment. React. We’re going to get ready for the Soaring 20s together.

Thanks for stopping by. We’ve only just begun!

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Cam Evans, MBA. Photographer
Cam Evans, MBA. Photographer

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