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Everything you’ve heard about branding is mostly bullshit. Momentum Business cuts through the crap and to position your brand for continuous growth.

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The Momentum Decade will be disruptive for the status quo. Discover the leadership insights for brand growth in the midst of turbulence.

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Building a definitive and desirable brand is not easy. There is so much noise in the market. More than ever, creative professionals need to standout from the mediocrity. Once you do, you never want to lose MⵙMENTUM. That’s why we created MⵙMENTUM Events. We want to fuel your business with practical insights for building dynamic brands and influence. MOMENTUM Events provide leaders with actionable insight to accelerate and win.   Let’s build MⵙMENTUM together.


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Professional Photographer

The Significance of Creating a Signature Style of Portraiture

  What is a Signature Style for Portrait Photography? Signature Style Headshot Photograph for Personal Branding Can you identify your favorite portraitist their unsigned work? Are there elements of their…
Branding + Strategy

With the Right Story, You Can Make People Believe Anything

Imagine the stories that brand managers could tell without ever shooting single piece of footage!
Professional Photographer

What’s the Best Strobe Lighting System for Starting to Learn Off-Camera Flash (OCF)

Moving to Off-Camera Flash (OCF) using a Strobe Lighting System The most popular question I get from photographers elevating their practice to use professional studio lighting: "What's the best strobe…
Branding + Strategy

What Does Your Online Brand Say About You

The job market becomes more competitive each year, you have to create and build a personal brand that tells your story of incredible value and high contribution for your employer,…
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