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Building a definitive and desirable brand is not easy. There is so much noise in the market. More than ever, creative professionals need to standout from the mediocrity. Once you do, you never want to lose MⵙMENTUM. That’s why we created MⵙMENTUM Events. We want to fuel your business with practical insights for building dynamic brands and influence. MOMENTUM Events provide leaders with actionable insight to accelerate and win.   Let’s build MⵙMENTUM together.

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Creative MBA

Business Owner vs. Self-Employed

Avoid the Burnout of Building Your Business Years ago, my best friend and I started a record label. This was my second company. Although, it was my first joint venture.…

Photographing Men by Jeff Rojas – Must Read for Photographers

Jeff Rojas is an incredible photographer. He shares some of his best learning about photographing men for portraits and fashion photography in his new book!

Five Strategies to Stop Overshooting

It’s great to see so many amazing images from your last shoot. However, if you’re overshooting, you’ll be overworked. Be intentional creating images, stop overshooting.
Branding + Strategy

Facebook Revamps Page Experience in Public Beta

New Facebook Page Experience Revealed for Brands and Businesses Let's start this article with a disclaimer: everything regarding the new Facebook Page experience is subject to change. That said, Facebook…
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