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We’re creating a network of intrepid entrepreneurs that will grow massive audiences into 7-figure businesses in 12 months!


This is your invitation to forge destiny into shape in the M◯MENTUM Meetup. Connect with likeminded entrepreneurs and startups to exchange practices that drive growth. This group is 95% execution! So let’s do this!

Make the connections to expand your audience. Develop joint-ventures that create mutual success.


You should join us:


Make your Business 4.0 Transformation with a proven plan! Your online and in-person M◯MENTUM MEETUP will provide deep coverage on our three cornerstone topics for sustaining business growth:

  • Content(Audience-First Strategy, Copywriting, Production, Sequencing, and Optimization, Publishing)
  • Automation(Customer Experience Automation, Marketing, Sales, and Ecommerce)
  • Marketing(Inbound/Content Marketing, Funnel Optimization, Monetization, Customer Experience, and more.)

Find out which books, webinars, podcasts, cloud services, XRMs, apps, and tools you need to keep your business and clients thriving, Let’s celebrate your results at our regular check-ins to highlight promising and best practices developed in our groups.

Join us for unlimited growth.

Build your network!

Hone your pitch!

Expand your career portfolio!

Engineer the lifestyle you desire!

Are you ready to put a dent in the universe? Let’s create unstoppable M◯MENTUM!

free membership to our Meetup groups

Collaborate with like-minded professionals to produce innovations that enable your audience to be more successful with you.

join our growth executive book club

Accelerate your professional growth and executive development with weekly reading groups and monthly checkups.

online and in-person
events + workshops

Fulfill your millionaire mandate to put a dent in your universe with a business that creates the lifestyle you desire serving others.

Download our latest guides, eBooks, & playbooks for marketing, sales, branding, and e-commerce. Plus, subscription members get access to Cam Evans’ personal productivity templates for growth.



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