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Momentum Creative

Build your creative studio! Discover the right tools and techniques to produce world-class results for your clients.

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Momentum Business

Everything you’ve heard about branding is mostly bullshit. Momentum Business cuts through the crap and to position your brand for continuous growth.

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Momentum Keynotes

The Momentum Decade will be disruptive for the status quo. Discover the leadership insights for brand growth in the midst of turbulence.

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Discover Momentum Omnimedia—the destination for podcasts, streams, documents, and community.


Building a definitive and desirable brand is not easy. There is so much noise in the market. More than ever, creative professionals need to standout from the mediocrity. Once you do, you never want to lose MⵙMENTUM. That’s why we created MⵙMENTUM Events. We want to fuel your business with practical insights for building dynamic brands and influence. MOMENTUM Events provide leaders with actionable insight to accelerate and win.   Let’s build MⵙMENTUM together.


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MⵙMENTUM Magazine

Branding + Strategy

Be Your Own SEO Expert

It’s your business and your brand. You’re the expert for all of it. So why does your website SEO not reflect your expertise? Here’s how to become an SEO Expert.
Creative MBA

Building a Business vs. Building a Job

Avoid the Burnout of Building Your Business Years ago, my best friend and I started a record label. This was my second company. Although, it was my first joint venture.…
Creative MBA

Why You’ll Never Become Wealthy “By-the-Hour”

Wealth Creation and the Hourly Wage Conundrum Wealth creation and time are strange bedfellows. In fact, wealth creation happens when your time is decoupled from income generation. Yet, most workers…
Professional Photographer

How I Transform a Crowded Beach Into Your Beautiful Portrait

Transforming Crowded Beach Photography into an Epic Shot Portrait photography is great when you're in a studio and every aspect of the environment can be controlled and planned. However, travel…
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