Does DxO ONE Put Professional Power in the Palm of Your Hand

The DxO ONE is an incredibly powerful, little camera. It can be used directly attached or connected via WiFi to your iPhone. More importantly, the DxO ONE is a standalone camera.   Because of it’s size, I can keep the DxO ONE in my pocket next my phone at all times for capturing RAW images. I can edit my DxO images with the iOS app on my phone or tablet.

DxO ONE and the Professional Photographer

So why does a professional photographer need a camera like this?

I primarily shoot portrait photography and commercial photography with Sony Alpha mirrorless cameras. While the E-mount mirrorless bodies are among the best form factors for APS-C and Full-Frame cameras, they still have some size and heft to them. Those form factors are dwarfs compared to traditional DSLR cameras from Canon and Nikon. Nonetheless, you can’t put a full-frame E-Mount and lens into your pocket. This is where the DxO ONE shines through for my needs.

Internally, the DxO ONE sensor is the same Sony sensor found in the RX100 series point-and-shoot cameras. So I don’t feel like my brand loyalty has drifted too far. However, the DxO uses that sensor in a new body that gives it a lightness of being and powerful imaging.



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