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Stop Wasting Time and Money on Transcription Services for Your Show Notes

Discover tools you may already own for transcribing your podcast, streams, and webinars


Short Cut : Speed Up Your Podcast Post-Production without Expensive Transcription Services

Transcription services are vital for your Show Notes. Almost everything needs accurate fast transcription:

  • Podcasts
  • Courses
  • Webinars
  • Meetings
  • Live Streams
  • Conferences
  • Legal Proceedings
  • Medical Notes
  • Projects Communications

Historically, transcription has been a time-consuming, manual task. Manual also means expensive.

However, we discovered an effective solution to add transcription to our podcast show notes.

Let’s take a closer look.

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Why Transcribe Your Podcast for Your Show Notes?

Firstly, you’re making your People-First Content more accessible.

That means your show is easier to consume.

Your audience can find quotable moments faster.

Transcribed comments are easier to backlink for SEO.

Plus, your feed can be shared to more people that may not speak your first language.

Transcription Services Costs A Lot of Money

Si, mucho dinero!

Without a legal mandate, most organizations skip transcribing their work due to costs.

For entrepreneurs, transcription costs can be a limiting factor to expanding your market influence.

But all of that’s is about to change.

Turbo-charge Your Show Notes with Microsoft 365 Transcription Services

Our team has been using Microsoft Office (now called Microsoft 365) for decades.

So, we were pleasantly surprised to see that Microsoft has added robust transcription services to Word for Windows.

Sorry, Mac-only creators!

Simply upload your .wav files to Word.

In a few moments, you’ll have timestamped transcription services for your show notes!

No strings or fees attached.

Learn More About Podcasting for Business

We’d love to help you expand your People-First Content Platform with branded podcast for your website.

Podcasting is a fantastic platform to build trust and rapport with your target market.

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