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Build Your Professional Model Folio

Model Book and Look Development

Showcase your creative range and expand your modeling career.

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Photoshoot Appointment


Book Your Model Influencer Photoshoot

Welcome to Model Influencer Photoshoot Bookings. Our model shoot appointments are ideal for working models and media influencers that want to upgrade their professional portfolio. Be sure to checkout our Photoshoot Ideas and Inspiration for your mood board development. Whether you’re landing a new role and embarking on a new career, we want to help you expand your influence. Follow the instructions for your appointment booking. We’ll see you in our atelier!

Influencer Photoshoot Reservations Payments

You can secure your photoshoot appointment by paying  your session reservation in full.  Acceptable forms of payment are Cash, Major Credit Cards, and PayPal.
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Influencer Products

We’ve updated our Influencer Product Portfolio to help level up your audience engagement and build your tribe. For bloggers and video creators, be sure to check our Transmedia Storytelling for expanding your personal brand.

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Make your shoot successful

before the session, during the creative,

and after the magic.


Planning ahead is the always the best way to have a successful portfolio build experience. Don’t wing it or discount the pre-production time. Build your mood board in advance and communicate your inspirations in days in advance of your shoot. Gather your wardrobe and don’t forget to bring accessories. The details matter and add pop to your portfolio shoot.

After you book,  you’ll receive a confirmation page for your shoot. The confirmation page has all of the major details for your shoot, so keep it handy. The 72-hours prior to the creative session, you’ll receive countdown emails to make sure all additional details are addressed.  Follow the emails.  Finally, the most important thing you can do is to get plenty of rest and be well-hydrated before your shoot. We’ll see you soon!

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Made to Publish

Every image we make together will be a cover-worthy. It's really that simple.

Made to Desire

We create images that elicit desire. We want you to help you "get hired!"

Made to Win

It's time to woo and activate your fans. Your sponsors will thank you!

Let's Start This Shoot!

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Be #MadeGrand. Reserve your Model Test Today

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